Friend is missing...idk what to do...

Discussion in 'General' started by GaNinja, Oct 2, 2010.

  1. Before I get any shit about being online and not out looking for trying.making mad calls etc....
    My good friend is missing and im really scared...He's been a little down in the dumps lately and im afraid he's somewhere scared....The cops are looking for him for some reason too but won't say why...Idk what to do...My grandmother just passed and if anything bad happens of this situation i don't know if i could take it...

    Send good karma my way, pray..whatever it is you do please do it in hopes i can find my friend:(:(:(
  2. im sure hes fine, as longs as the popo didnt scoop him up
  3. do you know any favorite spots of his?
    a place he likes to go alone?
    maybe a place he brought you to once?
  4. I know a few spots...but all of them are just night it would be crazy to town there might be a few spots that im going to check in a little while but idk?:(
  5. is he one of the rare people that doesnt own a cell phone these days?

  6. No a couple of days ago when we went out drinking he broke it lol...he hasn't gotten around to getting a new one yet:(
  7. This isn't reassuring but when my friend went missing he was found dead :(...chances are your friend is fine, no need to be soaking the ground in alcohol, know what I'm saying?
  8. Bummer man that sucks , hopefully he will pop up .

    To lighten the mood a bit though

    Just imagine .......
    you could grow a mullet , leave the buttons on our shirt undone , slap on some cowboy boots , say "bra" alot , carry some pictures and just head out and dog that buddy of yours !!
  9. 2 words,Milk Carton

  10. did you find him?
  11. I must know as well!

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