Friend is dying soon, need advice FAST

Discussion in 'General' started by LovingTree, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. Hey guys... my friend 18 years of age has yes, believe it, terminal cancer.

    Smoke the docs say are bad for him, but he's going to die in 5 months, they're giving him 6 tops =/

    What do I do? I want him to enjoy being high and we have an eighth to smoke him out of RIGHT NOW WITH HIM

    Should we do it? I know if he didn't smoke it might prolong his health, but he misses it... this would be my last time smoking with him too until my plant harvests, I promised him that.
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  2. I would do it.

    Shit, if I were him, I would be smoking a shit ton. Out of a vape of course:D
  3. if hes gonna die regardless who cares

  4. well, the his parents probably would.
  5. Yes, it's said but it's made me mature...

    He's been one of my best friends since 7th grade, and the loss is huge.

    He's a good kid, Jamaican, shy nice boy kinda guy.

    This is the last time i'm getting high until the plant harvests... hopefully he will be alive for it. :(

    I promised him that I will cherish my life for him, i'll never forget him.

    I think this is the night.
  6. help him make the last of his 5 months. if that involves getting high, do it. he might possibly never get the opportunity again. and just as a keep sake, get a new pipe and smoke only out of that with him. it will have good memories on it when/if he passes.
  7. fucking do it, I dont know one person who has regretted trying weed (this is assuming he hasnt smoked before?)

  8. Wow.. that is such a good point.
  9. :(
    I would do the bowl thing.

    I'm really sorry
  10. Should be up to him, it's his life.
  11. but what if you broke the bowl later on?

    that would really suck. Maybe get acrylic? :confused_2:
  12. Let him smoke. It cant make things worse, right? If anything it will help. There is a reason cancer patients often use marijuana
  13. yeah, do the bowl thing.

    sorry for the situation bro.

    just cherish every second you guys are together. :smoke:
  14. peace my man im sorry for your friend
  15. well if he has 5 months left then he should do something, anything that gives him pleasure.

    wouldnt it be nice to die doing the thing you loved?

    its his choice.

    sorry for your friend, i can only hope he is going to a better place.
  16. Take it from an old toker who has lost more than one friend in my day, if he asks you to smoke him up, do it.
  17. i thought weed could actually help fight cancer so def smoke with him
  18. fuck yes. blaze up and party
  19. dude get him a stripper in his room and hot box the whole damn place.

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