Friend is a good grower. I have a few questions.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by HalfBakedOregon, Jan 3, 2013.

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    He can get a hold of any strain to grow and is looking for suggestions on indoor strains to grow, looking for something that grows in 6-7 weeks max, trying to get high yield off of it, and Indica strong. Any and all suggestions appreciated!!

    Edit: corrected grow date.

  2. 6-7 weeks max?
    60 day wonder couldn't even work in that time frame.
  3. He either said 60-70 weeks or 6-7 weeks.. Not sure which? But from what I'm reading most plants should grow around 60-70 days?

  4. Make space for maybe 12 weeks

    I had much more information but there's people on here that will give you even better...


    Bluedream haze
    Bruce banner

    Idk man there's A LOT of options..

    This question is really hard man I guess its all about personal preference.. :smoke:
  5. uhhh you would have to get an autoflower to finish in that time probably
  6. GPD/Bigbud...heavy producer,bud quality ok/fair.I was told a dealer type plant not quality /just quantity.
  7. ^Exactly that. I just assumed it was implied, I kind of have to stop that around here. Yes it would have to be auto flowering and 6-7 weeks would have to be a miracle, 60-70 days is completely possible with a lot of auto flowering strains.
  8. Alright we'll gimme something that's cronic and has high yield. Don't care what the time is for budding!

  9. The perfect strain is this new one, its called, "Do your own research Kush" There is also a sister one called, "Super Read Haze" Check those out. :smoking:
  10. I've been on leaffly and only narrowed search to general 65 strains. So I decided to come here to ask different people for other opinions, sir.

  11. Almost any strain out there is available in auto. My personal fav is Auto Pineapple Express (NO I do not like this strain because of the movie)

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