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  1. this happened a couple days ago.

    so Im sitting at home posting on here and my friend 'M' calls me up. I'm pretty good friends with the kid, used to chill with him a lot but he dropped out of school and don't see him much anymore. Anyway, he calls me and tells me he's going to check his older brother C's new house he just moved into and apparently it's right by my house. He proceeds to tell me he's picking up some danks from his brother over there and that I was overdue for a smokeup with him. He asked me if he wanted him to pick me up and I said yes. At this point you could say I was looking forward to this. M's older brother I also know, and is really tight. One of my favorite people to smoke with.

    So he picks me up about 20 minutes later. His friend S is in the car, I know him pretty well. I guess I'd consider myself friends with him. We drive to his brothers house and we're just chillin, checkin out the place. It was a pretty sweet house actually and has potential to be a tight place to smoke. Anyway, M gets his eighth of scrumptious marijuana from C and then they talk about matching. Good, I like where this is going. C pulls out the bong, which has a nice big glass on glass bowl, and starts loading some of his weed. M pulls out his small 15 dollar pipe and says "I'll match you with this". This is where things went down the fucking gutter..

    C looks at M and says "There's no way that bowl is even a third of the size of the bong's bowl, just match me out of the bong after this". M argued and argued and continued to fucking argue that his bowl wasn't that small and he wasn't matching out of the bong. This kid is the most irrational fuck I'v ever met. C grabs his pipe and takes the bowl out of the bong and puts them side-by-side. He gets up and walks around to everyone and says "which bowl is bigger?" and of course everyone points to the bong bowl. M starts throwing a fucking hissy fit that went a little like "IM FUCKING LEAVING. FUCK YOU GUYS, I'M SICK OF THIS SHIT. FUCKING DICKS. BLAH BLAHHRHHH FFAAACK". M storms out in a raging fury-like manner. Me and S sit there and laugh. We didn't think he was actually going to leave..

    the fucker leaves the house, and we don't figure this out till 10 minutes or so after he actually left. He wouldn't pick up any of our calls. We had no ride. We called him probably 100 to 200 times. We walked about 2 miles back to my house, then had to take S all the fucking way across town to take him home, and all the way fucking back. I haven't talked to M since.

    I didn't even get to smoke :(
  2. wow that guy is a dickbag.
    If I was there, I would've smoked with you. :)
  3. There should be a rule...fucking dumbasses aren't allowed to smoke weed.
  4. Should have sodomised him with the bong.
  5. That sucks especially because it takes a fucking year to drive across Lincoln. Btw exit 420 is greenwood :D
  6. "I ditched my friends and let them find their own ride home"

    I didn't think shit like this ever actually happened what a fucking douche.
  7. In 1st year of unviersity (I'm graduated now) we went to a country bar to get hammerfaced because they had cheap drinks even on weekends ($1.50 highballs? Alcohol poisoning here I come) It was nearing 2am and me and my best buddy had been double-fisting double-gins all night. Sloppy as fuck we go pee then burn a J outside. We walk over to where our buddies had parked their car and they were gone, so we called them and they said they left like an hour ago.

    We were like wtf why did nobody tell us? Nobody had a straight answer or wanted to come pick us up, so we walked over 2hrs home. I woke up that morning with 1 mitten on, a looney toons hoodie, and scratches all over my hand from apparently taking down a tree, throwing a giant rock into a fountain, and smashing a fence.
  8. They're brothers, so the traditional argument rules don't apply. He may have been in the wrong, but there may also have been more to it then what you saw. My brother and I will argue over the stupidest shit in the world.
  9. He knew he was going to smoke, and he just got super stingy. People like that need the friend that's not afraid to yell at them, and tell them to shut the fuck up before their pissy fit goes into overdrive.
  10. imho the bong owner was just as wrong as the bowl owner. if your going to match bowls with someone, size doesn't really matter. it's not like if somebody smokes you up and you have no weed, that you actually owe them anything. this is the same principal here. me thinks the owner of the bong is a stingy fucker for even making it a big deal to begin with....i mean, who cares if his bowl is smaller? he was going to pack it up and share anyhow. fucking kids these days.
  11. I agree with this, same with my brother and I.

    What you saw makes "M" look ridiculous and like a poon, but they may have had this argument before when no one or different people were around.

    Also, "C" carrying around both bowls to everyone like that probably made "M" look and feel very foolish, this may be why he lost his temper.

    Either way, for someone who dropped out of high school, I'm surprised "M" is acting so immature... :rolleyes:
  12. it kind of did in this situation. Apparently the weed was some Pot o Gold, so it was precious, and the pipe that my friend had out probably had room for 2 hits in it. Tiny bowl. You'd probably have to load literally 6 or so bowls in the pipe to equal the amount of weed you could put in the bowl.

  13. i agree with that, but the pecker head with the smaller bowl shouldnt have just ditched off like a fudge pack.... i woulda honestly been pretty pissed off and probably wouldnt talk to him again either
  14. Two miles. Jesus fucking tit balls, are you alright?

    jokes, anyways that kid sounds like a tool.
  15. I wouldn't hang out w/ retards who invite me to get smoked up and then leave w/o me ever getting a single hit.
  16. The one thing it is NEVER cool to do is to strand your friend without a ride. If somebody leaves you stranded then they are not your friend.
  17. Sorry I'm high right now...... but by "dickbag" do you mean scrotum or just a plastic bag filled with assorted dicks?

    Thank you for your insightful reply.
  18. man you should have hit that shit before your walk home, it would have been an adventure.

    but yeah, fuck that. i hate people that are unfair.
  19. "I didn't even get to smoke..."


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