Friend hits me out of nowhere during sesh

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  1. So I hadn't smoked in like 2 months and got into a pretty heavy sesh after work. We were smoking joints and bong hits and was on the third or fourth joint. I just start spacin out and out of nowhere my friend football tackles me. I was just sitting on the edge of a bed and had no idea that was gonna happen.

    I was dizzy as fuck cuz the back of my head hit something hard possibly a chin or a knee. What an asshole man, I didn't mention he is like twice my size. Pretty bad way to start smoking after a two month break. Who the fuck does that?
  2. a loser does that. lol
  3. Wait till next time hes high/taking a hit, kick him square in the nuts
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  4. hahahahahaha

  5. Im glad you find this funny asswipe
  6. Atleast he didn't sit on your face, and then fart...that happened to me before but I was so high i didn't feel like doing anything. :(
  7. You were practically begging for it. Just sitting there, all zoned out on the edge of the bed... Helpless... Ripe for the pickin'
  8. ahahhahah, one time when i used to drink i was wasted off of ever clear with two of my close friends...i was sitting on a plastic outdoor lawn chair and out of no where i see my friend coming at me full speed he jumped on me and as we collapsed i saw the leg of the chair fly past my head ...we found one leg and the other we never did..ahah!

    about an hour later chillin on another chair and he does the same shit! ahaha! two chairs broke in one night.....not bad.

  9. Man this was some NFL SHIT. He was airborne at one point
  10. Sounds like someone should of been more alert.
  11. Ha this is hilarious, your friend was just playin' around man. It's not like punched you in the jaw because he hates you or something. It was probably just a friendly prank.
    If you're getting this pissed off about it then you probbaly can't take a joke very well. If it hurt tell him and make him apologize, if he's your friend i'm sure he will.
  12. Meh, you'll get over it.
  13. I'm over it im just saying it was a dick fuckin move thats all.
  14. It's not like he gave you an STD, you'll be fine.
  15. you dont seem to be over it lol. atleast it probably gave someone else a good laugh.
  16. It's a dick move but you have to admit it's kind of funny that he just came at you out of nowhere.
  17. wait till hes high and grab him from behind and slam his ass
  18. In the future..

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    Yeah I thought weed supposed to make you paranoid

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