friend has new setup lots of questions combination drip nft return system

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  1. have a friend with a 4x5x8 closet with a 600 w hps and adequate ventilation and exhaust running 3 6 inch pvc tubes (recirculating)12 holes with 1 gph drip emitters in each. 2.5 in net pots with hydroton and starting in 1.5 in rockwool cubes running the general hydroponics flora gro nute system any advice would be greatly appreciated thanks. also wondering about lengths of time to run drip
  2. Do you happen to have a brother named Peter Parker?
  3. Hmmmm... never seen a drip emitter into hydroton.
    I did an NFT experimental grow many years ago and it ran 24X7 & worked great, but you're using it as a return only. Not sure how that will work.

  4. yes im spidermans brother
  5. well as far as i can tell im in a combo nft and drip system. just kinda leery about running water 24 hours a day. im oxygenating the shit out of the water. just worried about root rot
  6. after more research i guess its more of a satellite system. recirculating instead of waste
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    yea, as long as you're saturating the water with oxygen, you should be good to run it as much as you want

    think about true dwc

    the roots are literally immersed in the h2o 24/7

    and they work fine

    just have to make sure the h2o is saturated with oxygen

    also, make sure the h2o drains probably can't run it 24/7 if the h2o doesn't drain quickly enough to get re-oxygenated
  8. it returns pretty quick barely enough to make the res drop

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