Friend has crossed the line.

Discussion in 'General' started by sticky icky bud, May 24, 2010.

  1. I just recieved the most disrespectful text message ever. PERIOD!

    I started texting my friend James who i sometimes smoke with on weekends. we had been friends since we were 12. Back when i was 12 i was a bit chubby (baby fat they call it... idk) and he always used to call me fatty and heaps of other shit, made me feel real insecure and stuff. when i do hang out with him he always rips on me for really stupid shit. Yes, he is very immature. (i am not fat anymore lol)

    So today i start texting him.

    And btw this may not seem relevant now but i never had a father.

    Me: This is james rite?

    Him: Yeah

    Me: its me -----

    Him: Did u geta phne

    Me: Na yea i do.

    Him: That your phne?

    Me: yepper all mine

    Him: omg im playn geometry warz 42 seconds left no bombs 2 lives

    Me: how many points?

    Him: ended up with 25 seconds left. 134,950 points

    Me: My best was 179,175

    Him: ur gay tho

    Me: N ur a daddys boy. N speakin of gays... aparently ---- got caught fucking -----... wtf aye lol

    Him:Least i gota dad... Ooo

    Me: That is Strate up disrespectful man. that deserves a kick to the head


    Yeah and he never txt me back. So next time i see him he is going to get what is comming to him. what a faggot aye... thats just fucking sad aye? lol he will get his 'just deserts' though dont worry
  2.'re immature.

    don't dish it if you cant take talk shit about somebody's father it comes back at you...only you dont have one lol so what was he supposed to say?

    Ive never had a father either but if a friend said that to me I'd say some smart shit back....its not that serious
  3. :wave:
  4. There is a fine line between just joking around and saying something like that. if i said that to somebody i would expect a couple hits. but when i do see him im just going to start hooking him till he hits the ground
  5. Well then sir, maybe you're to serious perhaps? People always rip on each other. You called him a daddy's boy, so he said atleast he has a dad. May seem fucked up, but he was just throwing back an insult.
  6. Bingo
  7. Well go hit him, why are you posting, you seem to have your mind set up.

    get back to me on how it goes
  8. I feel dumber.

  9. Seriously? Over a text message?

    Smoke more.
  10. I'm with Fundamental on this, man. Chill out.
  11. Yeah but for the past 8 n somethin years he has always been an asshole to me. even my other friends say to me "man what the fuck is that dudes problem?" cause he is always such a asshole. He always used to really make me fucking mad sometimes but i never done anything. So im gonna go see him tomorrow when he gets out of school and fucking sort this aye
  12. Okay he's picked on you for 8+ years. Assuming you throw back insults, he'll do the same. So why are you still talking to him? If you insult him, he'll insult you. He won't think anything of it, you'll get upset. That's what jokes are meant to do. If you can't take an insult don't give them, and defriend him then.

    Yes I just made defriend a word.
  13. So wait...he's an asshole, and you're still his friend, knowing he's an asshole...but because he made an assholish comment, you're gonna smack him around? No, dude. That's what's not cool. Either take it, because you know that's just the type of friend he is, or get over yourself and find better friends.
  14. Grow some stones.
  15. This may not seem relevant now, but does your mom make train and plane sounds when she's feeding you?
  16. the ONLY thing i see wrong is dude never said anything back. thats somethin u get on the phone and see wats up about but not somethin worth jumpin to conclusions about with the way things can escalate. if hes always been like that to u ask if he has a problem or if he was just fuckin..if u cant come to that conclusion on ur own

    ppl jumpin to conclusions is how ppl get buried over some chicken nuggets..just some disturbin shit i heard on the news, readin the OP reminded me of it
  17. i just gotta ask...ur canadian right?

    dont come beat my ass aye just askin aye question aye
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  20. Man.. you initiated it, then you cry because he came back with something? A bit immature, IMO.

    What are you.. 15? 16?

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