Friend got sucker punched, wish i was there

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  1. So today was an uneventful day at school for me, but little did i know that while i was chowing down on my lunch in the library, my friend was in trouble. We go to different schools. We're gonna call him R since he asked me to.

    So there's this guy Tyler, who hates my friend R, i don't know why. He tried to fight R a few days before, and R threw him to the ground and he backed off like a pussy.

    So my friend R is with my brother Sean, they're pulling into the parking lot in R's car, coming back from a lunch blaze sesh, knowing them. So as he's pulling in Tyler and 5 other guys, including a big beefy stupid kid called Andrew. So R gets out of his car, and Tyler's like "So you can call me a pussy on facebook, you wanna fuckin fight?" or something like that. Anyways R tries to tell him he's being totally immature, and he just got back from a suspension for the first fight and doesn't wanna start shit.

    Then BAM!! out of nowhere Andrew sucker punches him, he wasn't even looking at him. It was a shitty punch, only put his arm and shoulder into it, but it staggered him and cut him(he needed 6 stitches afterwards).

    So after that one punch my brother jumps out of the car and these kids peace out quick. Pretty pathetic how they needed 6 guys and on top of that had the guy who had 50 pounds on R to SUCKER punch him, so it's like a triple whammy cowardly attack.

    Later Tyler apologizes on facebook saying what Andrew did was out of line. FUck that, basically jump the kid then be like "sry" on facebook. What a bitch move. This shit has inspired me to join my local kickboxing gym, cause i don't want to take shit from stupid beefy kids just cause they outweigh me. Just wish i was there to back my friend up.
  2. your friend R should go find andrew and kick his ass. i wouldnt take that shit, and neither should R
  3. R better stand for revenge :devious:

    Lol jk, for Tyler though, we all know what a coward he is now.
  4. Definitely turn this situation into a "Never Back Down" one man. Make these kids pay.
  5. My number one pet peave in life is dealing with pussies. They only find strength in numbers.
  6. Fuck that find that fatass andrew and beat his fucking ass little bitch,if my freind got sucker punched and almost fucking jumped id beat each one of their pussy ass
  7. Your a pussy on facebook and everybody knows!!!! aw fuck, shit just got serious.

    Is this a case of hating for the sake of hate? I didn't see any reason provided for conflict.

    If you guys are in high school (I'm assuming for because of the suspension) and 18 (I'm also assuming), then let it drop. Yeah it's bullshit and blah blah but you will only see these people for a few more months. Plus now that you're not a minor assault charges come into play and that's no good. Especially if they can prove it was a planned assault.

    If the dude slapped your mother it's a different story. You just didn't give a reason why all this started in the first place.
  8. Lololol you need to get outta high school.
  9. Man basically the same thing happened to me and my friend except:

    So me and my friend pEEPEE were sitting in my ride at the liquir store and these two black kids comebout of nowhere asking which one of us is peepee and they need to handle a one on one right now. Before we even figure out wtf these guys are talking about one of them just starts swinging at peepee THROUGH THE WINDOW, (the first hit smashed his shades and put a pretty big cut) so the other guy opens the door and they drag him away from the car.I hop out and get ready to woupsome ass and they peace it like the cops were chasing them. Turns out peepee brother beat up their cousin a year ago so they came after lil brother. and these guys had to be atleast 30 ++ beating up on 18-19 year old.

    Sorry for hijacking your thread..

    But to contribute you should confront this andrew, thats basically saying all 6 of are scared of you so we get the biggest guy to sneak a hit while we distract you with bitch ass ness !
  10. It sounds like its time to handle business. Bring the ruckus. Just handle the situation accourdingly. Late night, Masked up, waiting for that fat fucker to walk donw the street. I wish I could help out actually it sounds kinda fun.

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