Friend Got Robbed With My Money

Discussion in 'General' started by greenleaf22, Jan 15, 2014.

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    i just need help yo. uh i got robbed money cuz he said imma get white widow a quater for round 100 money and he just take it and left...

  2. He's lying.
  3. Yes 1/4 can cost 100 but your friend is probably playing you..easy 40 bucks.
  4. whether or not he got robbed doesn't matter. he owes you 43 bucks or 2 grams of bud. 
  5. He better pay it back.
  6. He may be broke after getting "robbed", but you are right it's still his responsibility. He owes you $43. :smoke:
  7. Oldest trick in the book man, the middle man says he got robbed, actually bought weed and is blazing on that on your dime right now.
  8. There's no way to know.  That's why I never front anyone.
  9. does he have a car?
  10. yes he does
  11. This happened to my brother.

    The dealer shot him over it.

    Guy got life in prison.

    Brother lived btw.

    Also, your friends lying. Thats why he said he lost more than you, so youd feel sympathy. Hes a real pos. you NEVER give anyone money but the dealer. No middle men. Thats stupid. Lesson learned.
  12. Remind him that he assumned the risk, just as he claims the profits to be made. He damn sure wasn't cutting you a deal for the same as he pays.
    Guys don't screw up and advocate violence please. :smoke:
  13. Title should be "I just got Robbed by my friend and he gave me a bullshit story"
  14. And btw, a gram is 10 dollars.

    20 at the most, but youre kinda gettin ass raped at 20 a gram.
  15. Yea your buddies, got your buds, going to fire up his wheels and get some chicks stoned and brag about this dork who gave him money to get bud ......
  16. Sounds to me like he fucked you.
  17. hes smoking your s**t lawl
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    fuck that shit up lol. what a scumbag. well give him a chance to make it right. call him and tell him you need the money tomorrow, if he doesn't then fuck that shit up
    **fuck that shit up in your mind because violence is wrong
  19. Tomorrow might be a little soon for a couple of Jrs in High School. :smoke:

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