Friend got pulled over!

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  1. A friend of mine was the luckiest guy in the world when he pulled over yesterday for speeding 10 miles per hour over the limit. He pulled the window down when the police officer came to the car and the dankest smell hit the cop. The cop told him it smelled like marijuana, so he searched his car finding an ounce of weed and some narcotics he was going to sell for some extra cash. He was handcuffed for over 20 minutes, then let loose because he was not under the influence and was left with a ticket of 1,100 dollars. He wouldn't receive such a high ticket but he had narcotics in his car. The law in this state says you are not penalized unless you have more than an ounce. I'm pissed because it was some bomb shit i paid 150 for. But im happy he's not behind bars. At all times he was respectful with the cop, so i guess that helped him a bit.
  2. i got rolled up on by a narc on 4/20 while i was in my car parked just about to hit a pipe
    saw him roll by lookin at me, waited til he turned and i started my car and drove to the stop sign and rolled through it

    motherfucker was waitin for me around the corner. got a ticket because i didn't have my insurance. didnt let him search me or the car, so the only thing he could do was give me a ticket for rolling the stop sign.
  3. Sorry, what state do you get pulled over with an ounce of pot and more narcotics and not get arrested?

  4. i think we all learned an important lesson here...

    when you have illegal goods in the car... don't break the laws of the road.

  5. Im interested as well. :)
  6. yea man..i guess they prolly didnt find anything rediculous like 100 e-bombers. prolly just some opiates. still, ounce of pot and pills, ur usually goin to the slammer for at least a minute.
  7. ur friend should hit you back iwth the n's once he gets the money together. i know i would if i was in his situation. yeah, hes unlucky. that being said, he wouldnt have been pulled over if he wasnt speeding with an ounce of weed and some drugs in the car. he's really lucky he's not sitting in a jail cell right now.
  8. i can give a fuck... MMJ here...they can take my bucket away, dont care
  9. I don't know about the OP, but I got pulled over with an OZ a few days before 4/20 (last year), the cop simply asked "is this under the felony limit". Said yes and that was that. He didn't even bother to weigh it or anything, and he made my roommate get out of the car and throw the weed everywhere. Since him and I were high, the cop made my drunk friend (who doesn't smoke weed) drive because, you know, he wasn't high. At any rate this was in Colorado at the time
  10. I've been lucky with the police so far.
  11. Ok so me and 2 of my friends hit up the dugout at a local baseball field. We parked our bikes inside the dugout because we knew if a cop came he would see them. Well it was after dark and the park was closed. So here we are in the dugout at 11 at night smoking a fat ass bowl pack and a blunt. We see headlights pulling up, no worries though we couldn't be seen... So I thought. My bikes reflector was sticking out from the dugout. Go figure the fawking cops headlights hit it and it shines like a mofo giving us away. The cop then turns his spotlight on us, and he sees 3 people staring into the light like a deer would; to make things worse I had to ditch the blunt and my precious bowl. I threw the blunt and the bowl onto the pavement underneath the bench. The cop gets out of the car and the first thing he says, "So you guys smoking some pot? Drinking some beers?" And of course all three of us say noooo officer (despite the mushroom cloud of pot smoke and the lit blunt still smoking beneath the bench lolz). So the cop just said, "You know you are not suppose to be here after dark right?" The stoners response: "Oh, no officer we didn't know." So the cop says, "Ok just grab your bikes and go." SO we left no questions asked. Boy, were we lucky. Had my friend go back early in the morning to retrieve my bowl. Now I smoke some killa kill from it all the time. :D
  12. Did you front him the money? He could of lied and said that he was pulled over so you would think he didn't have the weed.

  13. word. narcotics with intenet to sell is a federal felony... right? not sure o nthis one

  14. i heard in Denver possesing an O or under is legal
  15. haha yea no joke, even when im not high and i've just got my piece in my car (even in my locked center console) I still drive as perfect as I can
  16. No as long as its within state lines its state responsibility. Now when u cross state lines then it becomes federal i believe.

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