friend got caught

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by GSS, Aug 16, 2007.

  1. my friend snuck out with another friend when he was sleeping over. it was 1h30 in the morning (they're minors, btw) and the cops pulled up and searched him. they found his cigarettes, and right before they patted down his weed pocket, my friend asked for a warrant. so they took him straight home.
    my friends mom's doorbell rings at 2h00 in the morning. two cops are standing at the door with his friend and a pack of cigarettes in his hand.
    at least they didnt find his weed.
  2. Your friend was searched for cigarettes? You CANT be 18...
  3. no im 19. my friend is 17. he's kinda short so that may be why...

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