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Friend got busted

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Bonziamo, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. Last night my friend was arrested for possession and driving while intoxicated.

    That really sucks for him, but what I'm asking is, if they go through his phone, can incriminating text messages etc. be enough to get a warrant and search MY house?

    I'm usually not paranoid about these things, and I don't have any weed in the house at the moment, but I do have plenty of paraphernalia.
    I live in Norway, so I don't know how the laws work here. I'm 18 but live with my parents, and not only would I get kicked out of the house if I got busted, but I would also not be able to get into the US again, where I have a lot of friends.

    So should I get rid of (or at least have some friends take care of) my smoking accessories or am I being too paranoid?

    I mean, it's probably nothing to worry about, but I really can't risk getting busted.
  2. Dude, this happened to your friend, not you. Why would you get in trouble? You're good bro.
  3. I don't know, the cops in my town can be real assholes about this sort of stuff. I heard of a dealer who got busted because of text messages, but I guess they won't go after a smoker like that.. I'm just really paranoid..
  4. my friend got busted for 6 oz of the ched! and in ireland the cops go through the persons phone and messages could lead to a raid on your house if theres enough evidence , but if you only have bongs , grinders , etc you should be fine even if you do get raided
  5. #5 jaden420, Aug 13, 2011
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    Ummmmmm how would he be fine even if his got raided with pipes and shit in his house? So stupid.
  6. Yeah, like I said I don't have weed in the house right now, but won't there be resin on the used bongs and pipes?
  7. #7 BoneThug, Aug 13, 2011
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    I doubt they will get a warrant to search your house but if you want to be safe then clean the pipes and bongs.
  8. Head for Thailand !
  9. Your fine bro, just don't text his number about bud for a while, call him or meet up.
  10. Give it to a friend for a while. It isn't worth the risk and it's not like you need it at the moment, as you have no bud.

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