Friend got busted

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  1. Well my friend who lives with a few other friends in these apartments slang Xanax pills and he also slangs bud. Well they were all out side shooting there 12 gauge out in the back by a ditch in back of the apartments. They had already had complains about.

    And then one day a cop and some others one wait at the door knocking at his door, one of them with a M-16 pointing at him they came in and raided his apartment, finding 200 xanax's and 2 pounds of marijuana. I don't know the time he's going to have face but yeah, just wanted to tell y'all that.

    Also, :smoking:
  2. well shooting a shotgun in an apartment complex is not smart at all. sounds like your friend wanted to get busted..
  3. wow honestly sounds like a retard to me shooting a gun in town
  4. ha wow. were you there when it happened??
  5. Me and my other friend in the same complex was down the street at another apartment just chillin outside and saw the cops go up to his door and everything.
  6. Your friend isn't too bright, is he?
  7. Not really, he's in the same school with me in this alternative school except it's boot camp just for school though, and on top of his dealing and shit he's a heroin addict, tracks all over his arms and shit goes to school all fucked up off of heroin, or pill'd out.

  8. That's no good, man. I hate to say it, but it sounds like he needs serious help. It also sounds like you need to stay away from him, especially now that he's facing some serious charges.

    I hope everything works out for both of you. Stay safe, dude.

  9. sorry to say but jail might be the best thing to hopefully set his ass straight and get off that shit. shooting a gun behind a apartment building is just stupid

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