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Friend got busted

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Dr. Jekl, Nov 18, 2002.

  1. This really sucks and I hate to have to say it, but one of my good friends recently got arrested for possession of marijuana. That is not what is frightening, the frightening thing is that my friend was caught because of a police tip.

    He was returning to his car and there were a bunch of police men surrounding his vehicle. They asked if they could search the car, and he refused knowing very well that he had a bong and two ounces in the trunk. But here's the thing, they had a dog and the dog was able to smell the marijuana thus creating a positive lead which led the cops to search the car. What the fuck.

    Someone ratted my friend out, and I'm wondering if they will come to me next. My friend has other friends besides our small group of smokers, but if they know about him, what prevents them from saying something about me. Most people know that I smoke regularly and I think that having snitches like that in society really shows how much the gov't has brainwashed us to believe marijuana is evil.

    My friend is currently in jail because bail was set at $5,000 and that is not money I, nor anyone, really has laying around. I hope the best for him. He has a court date in a week and I sincerely hope that he isn't given too hard a punishment.

    Goddamnit, I hate fuckin pigs, but I hate snitches even more. What is wrong with our society when peaceful civilians get thrown in jail for marijuana.

    Thanks for letting me get that off my chest, until then I hope I remain safe and I'll hopefully be around. Peace to all and happy tokes.
  2. thats harsh man... i feel sorry for your buddy ... i'll smoke a good luck joint for him.. and hopefully he gets a nice judge ...
  3. Some snitches called Crime Stoppers and ratted out like 5 ppl at my school last friday. Three of them didn't hav anything on them and were let off, but the other two werent as lucky. I saw them getting hauled in handcuffs in the middle of third period. I agree w/ya'll about how fucked american society and the govt. is, but also ppl j/arent responsible. I'm your average rulebreaking pot-smoking, beer drinking american teenager but you hav to do it responsible so you and other ppl wont get hurt. I've been searched by cops and been busted by parents [even parents that arent mine!] I've learned my lesson..... eventually. I dont keep anything that will get me in trouble on me or in my car. Dont give cops or anyone to suspect, but shit does happen and ppl do narc on you. Peace
  4. That's pretty lucky dirtydingus, good thing the mrs. was on top of hiding the shit. I noticed you said ex-mother, did you decide to abandon your mother?

    As for my friend, I visited him in jail, and it's alright. It's just the town jail and he gets his own cell and is treated alright. His parents are too poor to get him out and we tried to raise the money ourselves but found ourselves short about $3000.

    As for my friend, because he was in Possession within 1,500 feet of a school, he has to serve a minimum mandatory sentence of two years. For paraphernalia posession, which is a felony, he has to server one year minimum mandatory sentence.

    That's three years for two ozs and some smokin gear.

    That personally scares the shit outta me, but it's not gonna stop me from smoking, I'm just gonna be much more careful. Those fuckin crime stoppers, jesus.
  5. you know, I don't think that they should be able to use dogs like that because that is automatically voiding any expectation of privacy that we're suposed to have. A pig dog sniffing near you car and giving the cops a lead is the same as a fucking pig going through your car w/o your permission. Fucked up, isn't it?
  6. america.

    fucked up, isn't it?
  7. ^ So true.
  8. dont you only need 500???? 10 precent of the posted bail?
    but im not sure
  9. yea i'm pretty sure it is 10%....

    Damn that sucks....that's bullshit they were there waiting for him... But why did he just straight walk up to them. I woulda just walked the other way or something and acted like it wasn't my car.
  10. I hope this kid is out of jail by now, it's been almost 4 years! :p
  11. yeah you only pay 10% of the bail to a bondsman, look in the phone book and get him bonded out imo.
  12. haha I didn't notice. That is funny, yeah I hope he is out too ;0

  13. Over 4 years, almost 5! who dug this post out of the pile?

    Anyway, it sounds like a snitch off, and that sucks whenever it happens.
  14. No way it is a MMS of one year for drug paraphenalia within 1500 feet of school.
  15. Snitches are bitches that end up with stitches
  16. pretty much everyone i know or talk to all gettin snitched or ratted out isn't a concern. But if i ever grew, i'd be scared of people finding out. Alot of theif's in my area.
  17. That really sucks...yeah ive seen a few threads dug up from pre 2k4 recently lol. 2 ounces of weed and a bong...honestly who travels with that? 2 ounces got him hard. This is why im very descret when I tell people I smoke and why I never travel anywhere with shit. I will smoke then go, never carry it with me unless im buying it and going straight home.
  18. if his bail is 5k dont you only have to put up 10% of that?
  19. I can understand why SOME people are upset with drug dealers. Only because it would suck if I worked two full time jobs 80 hours a week busting my ass to get where im going, while some black guy ( no stereotype ) sits on his ass in compton playing 360 and making more than I do

  20. hustlin, they risk their freedom

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