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Friend got busted.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CannabisPassion, Feb 20, 2012.

  1. So, my dumbass friend decided that walking through the local park, after it was closed, with weed on his person, was a good idea.

    Just found out a couple minutes ago that the police arrested him. Being a minor, he got taken to the station and his dad has to pick him up now. And, knowing his dad, that boy is in for a hell of an asskicking.

    Anybody else have friends who got busted for anything recently?
  2. Met a girl during community service who was there for being in a park after hours. Do cops really have nothing better to do than roam parks at night?
  3. Psh, and do something productive?

    This is the cops we're talking about.
  4. I got busted by my parents like 5 times, busted at school once, and got in no legal trouble at all. Not even arrested. Who cares if you get busted. You get busted for using a plant thats one of God's natural creation. I'd only love the opportunity to have the look of a law enforcer's eyes when they hear and see that.
  5. i got busted last sunday. we were sitting in a car at a bowling alley that was closing and apparently we looked "suspicious" and they called the cops
  6. Wait... So walking through a dark, secluded place at night with weed concealed on you is a bad idea?
  7. Ask your friend was he somebody bitch in jail.
  8. My friend almost got busted, the cops raided his pad and his dad called him up before to warn him so he hid his stash in his playstation 2

  9. Oh my god man, you'll probably shatter their entire belief system! I guarantee they never heard that before!! YOU SIR ARE A GENIUS AMONG MEN!!!!!!
  10. smoked on school property late at night once(its actually a really safe place to smoke its enclosed nobody can see/hear you) me and my homie left the school and started walkin home then cops rolled up on us demandin IDs. of course i didnt have mine, they found our pipes took us in and said we had a court date comin up lol. they dropped us off at the corner they found us, this was almost 2 years ago still no court date mailed to me and ive been to court for minor consumption since then and i am clear, no warrants, no details on previous charges, no cops have brought it up since then (ive had a few close calls)
  11. parks are closed at night?

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