Friend gave me a plant.

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Frontchasack, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. Hey there GC,
    I just recieved a plant today from a friend of mine, whose house was broken into. Luckily the people who broke into the house didn't think to check the wardrobe, in which he converted into a small grow closet. Unluckily however, he had to report it to the authorities, which is how I came into possession of one of his babies.

    But to my question(s):

    1. The bottom leaves were looking a bit dead, the reason I say this: Is that the leaves were yellow and damn near falling off.
    I know this has something to do with a nitrogen defiency, I had no other option but to remove the leaves. Is that ok? They were only the older leaves on the bottom of the plant.

    2. Is 2 40-watt flourescant 4 foot bulbs at 4k Lumens and 1 2 foot 40-watt bulb at near 3k lumens enough light for this baby?

    3. I have some leaves curling along the edges near the top portion of the plants, though they seem healthy and hydrated, they are curling. Any idea what this is?

    4.Any pointers, I'm relatively new to the whole plant growing. Although, I know the basic needs of plants. I took a hydroponics and a greenhouse class back in highschool.

    Plant Info:
    Specific Strain: Unknown
    Height: 2 ft.
    Grow Medium: Compost/Soil Mix (Mostly Consisting of MGMC)
    Lights: Little Under 100 Watts of Flourescant Bulbs

    Will update with pics if needed.
  2. :wave: pictures sure would help dude.

    Its fairly normal for the very bottom leaves to yellow, if they are 50% or more damaged or yellow then its best to remove then anyway.

    The leaves curling could be temps, humidity or pH I believe but might not be much to worry about. You should have enough light but you can always add more if you need it, you might want to add a couple of CFL's during flowering.

    Also do you have a fan blowing on them? If not then you should get one

    Good luck

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