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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Tenany, Jun 9, 2010.

  1. Hi, I just recently found these forums and I'm loving the storys.
    Got a story to share though so here goes.

    So I'm in my apartment smoking a blunt of some good purp, and I get this yahoo message from a good smoking buddy who had just blazed a couple of dro blunts by himself. He starts telling about how he think his adamsapple is pushing through the skin of his neck, and I'm like, "WTF are you talking about??!".
    He says "I think I can feel my adams apple pushing through my neck, I can feel a hole there and it really hurts". Me " Have you looked in the mirror and seen if anything is there?". Him " Ya, I cant see anything but I know something is wrong!". So I was like " You should talk to your mom about it, I mean shes a nurse and everything". Him "Damn thats a good idea bro, brb".

    Here I am laughing so fucking hard, the whole situation is rediculous as hell.

    So about 20 min later he calls me saying " My mom freaked the fucking out. One look at my blood red ***** eyes and she knew". Me "But did you get the hole looked at?". He just hangs up on me lol.

    I dont think I've ever seen anyone freak out that bad while high lol.

    Just thought id share that with you guys and that maybe you all would appreciate it as much as i did hehe. Also just wanted to make my first post on here.
  2. That's pretty hilarious, I've seen some pretty epic freak outs from new or first time smokers. I think we've all had a little paranoid freak out at some point in our smoking careers, maybe not too that extreme though.
  3. Your bro probably went to tell his mom, his mom obviously knew and she flipped on him causing him to forget why he went out there in the first place. The OP reminding him probably made him go ask and just hung up the phone before he forgot.

  4. I think she knew he was high and knew he was having a freak out.
    But you could be right,

    nice story
  5. Are you sure it was Dro? Did you ask the dealer whether it was grown in soil or hydroponically? lol
  6. ^^^ lol when will kush and dro be dropped from the "quality ratings"
  7. Never had a freakout like that or have a friend freak out.
  8. Ya, I'm real sure it was dro because he smoked me out the next day. Ive been smoking for quite a while where as he hasnt. He has come into his own as a pothead though and since he has more income than me, he smokes me out alot now.
  9. lol,you sent him on a suicide mission,yo.
  10. Lol, that was the plan... and yet his mom has no idea he smokes. Good thing he cant do that to me, i smoke with my dad regularly.

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