Friend found a package full of weed at FEDex

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    yesterday my brother and his friend who works at fedex unexpectedly stopped by my place. my brothers friend (lets call him Eugene) gave me a fed ex paper bag and told me to open. I opened the bag and found a sealed fed ex plastic bag full of weed.. id say there was half an ounce in the bag.
    I asked him whered he get the trees and he said his co worker found a suspicious package (the size of a shoe box) that reeks of weed stench and confiscated the bag. he obviously took it home and lord knows what he did with it. thankfully eugene was able to grab me a handful.

    I didnt ask him what was written on the return address (im from northern cali btw), i was just excited getting free weed.
    Ive heard of people shipping weed through fedex, but i thought it was just a rumor/myth.

    my brother and I smoked a blunt last night. im the type of guy who just smokes the darn thing and not give a fuck what its called, so to my non-uber knowledge on weed strains i would guess this is orange kush? but for now we have named this mysterious godly package "FedEx Kusk". now as for the actual strain, ill leave that to you guys.

    its smoooooth as hell, it didnt smell to strong, it had a faint citrus smell to it, but other than that it smelled pretty damn good in a mild way. The potentcy was fucking amazing! the high lasted long, and did i say its fuckin smooth as fuck.
    i was pretty mellow/ chill the whole time. the relaxing mode. and gotdammit this shit is smooth as hell! it dosnt burn at all.

    below are photos taken from my phone. and the others were taken from my cheap ass ancient digital camera. so please excuse the poor quality pictures.
    info on the weed would be appreciated. so tell me what you guys think? thanks.

  2. HOLY FUCK DUDE me and my friend did the same thing!!! One of his friends in cali works at ups and he said a box reeked like bud so he opened it up and took it!!!!!

    It was purp too which is fucking weird as hell...looked just like yours some little popcorn nuggets.

    so awesome
  3. tight

    but you probably just shit on someone who was waiting for that bud
  4. So if my weed doesn't get here by tuesday, I know who to go after.
  5. Holy shit. That is the luckiest thing i've ever seen. Congrats on such a great find!
  6. Or saved them a little trouble by not letting someone whod call the poneys find that.
  7. Most people would consider this theft.

    Illegal substance or not, dick move.

    If i just happened to be at a house party and stumbled upon an ounce of weed then by this logic it must be cool for me to jack some and I'm just lucky?

    No, I think I'd just be an asshole.
  8. you motherfuckers stay the fuck out of my mail. WTF
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    Man if they would not have taken it chances are someone else would have opened it up and called the police.
  10. I'd agree depending on the probability that it would get stopped somewhere else along the way. Obviously just ganking a package and stealing it is bad, but I think if it reeked to the point of definitely getting caught down the line it's alright.

    It would be REALLY cool if he tried to contact the original guy and get him his product, but that could be risky and is kinda sketch. I think if it was mine I'd rather them take it than try to contact me.
  11. Thats the craziest shit i heard for awhile on GC. congrats but kinda dick move. But hey i think i might of as well :p
  12. Aint nuttin better than free dank. gotta feel sorry for the guy with the shoe box though :smoking:
  13. word, sweet my +rep gave u second bar:D:smoking:
  14. Are you serious?

    Whoever would be stupid enough to mail weed without proper sealing of the package deserves their weed taken.

    If it was so strong I could smell it, I'm taking that weed and smoking it and thinking of how dumb the fuck who mailed it is.
  15. If my incoming package reeked of dank, I would prefer a blade to snatch it up and not run the very possible risk of a narc or company man finding it
  16. Looks like some Grand Daddy purps to me, nice find :)
  17. now, I'm gonna apply for a job at FedEx:smoking:
  18. Yes, it is wise for us all to fear those 'company men' :rolleyes:

  19. I just thought the exact same thing
  20. well you can of course never tell the strain just by looking at a pic, but from the times that i got purple kush (came from cali as well) and the pics i have seen on here, it looks exactly like that.

    lol, always thought of it as looking like a bud that fruit loops would make, haha.

    so yea, just by the pics i would say purple kush or grandady purps. no way of knowing for sure of course, but both of those strains do i have a pretty distinct looking bud.

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