friend drank the grossest thing ever

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  1. Ok so i have this friend lets call him R. Every time he has sex he puts his dick in this water bottle and swishes it around to clean it (he changes the water). this cleans of all the semen and vaginal fluid that is on it. this time he just fell asleep before throwing out he water. he then invited me and my friend j over. we are smoking and after a particularly harsh hit j picks up the water bottle and R is not paying attention. j then proceeds to chug half of it. he then says ewww how long has this water been in the bottle it tastes nasty. R took one look at him and just started cracking up it took us 5 minutes to get him to stop laughing and tell us why he was laughing. when he told us what it was J started to throw up all over the place and R freakd out because now there is barf in his room and im just sitting there cracking the fuck up.
  2. Hilarious story, but he must have a real small dick if it can fit into a water bottle....for sure.

    Plus what the fuck is the point of doing that when he can just wash his shit either a shower or cloth.
  3. well it is a huge open top nalgene water bottle

    and he is lazy as fuck and i guess this just doesn't take as long
  4. i thought you meant like a dasani bottle i was like :eek:

    nice story though man i'd prob throw up too if i was him
  5. That kind of made me feel a bit sick...but that is funny though.
  6. J ate R's kids...*throws up*
  7. Hahahaha that reminds me of the time when i was in highschool and I was hanging at a friends house with a few other kids and one kid drank perfectly fine water, and we all looked at him like he was nuts he was all

    "Did I... DID I... DID I JUST DRINK BONG WATER" and we cracked up and he threw up. We wouldn't have done that if we knew he would chunk everywhere :p

    Kinda mean looking back at it, but hey, highschoolers will be highschoolers.
  8. All i gotta say is lol it sucks to be that kid.

    dont know if i could live with myself with that thought in the back of my mind.
  9. ha this made me lol so hard it hurt
  10. "Ok so i have this friend lets call him R. Every time he has sex he puts his dick in this water bottle and swishes it around to clean it"

    I only got that far before I busted out laughing.
  11. i know a kid that pissed in a slushy and gave it to a kid and he drank it.
  12. In my junior year of high school, some dumbass sophomore drank his own piss for 5 bux. He get's so much shit for it, still, and he's graduated.
  13. haha so many unbelievable stories on here its ridiculous. I mean seriously who really thinks like "oh, guess its time to wash my dick off in this here bottle, too much damn vaginal dank on it." But yeah if I was you, I prolly wouldve puked as well, that shits disgusting bro.
  14. lmao...

    what happened to the good ol shower method of cleaning your junk?! :confused:
  15. Thats pretty nasty.

    Who washes their dick in a bottle?
  16. well, that was an awesome story to wake up to. thx
  17. Seriously, who washes their dick in a bottle? I'd be too afraid of getting stuck in that tiny ass hole. Go take a shower if it bothers you that much.

    I have a bottle of water I keep next to my desk that I don't drink out of. I use this bottle to fill my bong, so I don't have to constantly take my glass over to the sink. He should do what I did, I took a sharpie and colored the cap blue. Now I'll never accidentally drink from it.
  18. Saame aha :D:D
  19. Yeah, just like everyone else, I can't figure out why you would wash your cock in a bottle of water.

    A better question is why does he leave it lying around?

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