Friend died at a party

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  1. Last night I watched a friend get shot with a pellot gun and Later ended up dying, im totally shocked right now it easily could have been me or another on of my friend where do I go from here I don't know what I'm feeling and it keeps replaying in my head
  2. did he get shot in the eyes/ears or something?
  3. Da fuck kinda pellet guns do you fools have?!
  4. survival of the fittest if a bb is killing you what can I say?
  5. I'm curious as to what had happened...and grief is nothing but a healing process...allow yourself to feel so your (emotional) skin will grow back and stronger!
  6. Sorry for your loss. Hope things work out for you and anyone else affected
  7. Damn dude that's crazy if it was a break barrel they are basically a .22 with the right pellets in them.
  8. So im not believing a word you say until you tell me what type of pellet gun it was and exactly where he was shot.

    Sorry but your post leaves a lot to ponder about.

    Was it straight into his eye?
  9. Upper abs I'm pretty sure it musta punctured a lung or something
  10. Thats brutal, what a way to go.

    I hope no soccer moms or pansies of the like try using your friends death to ban more things.
  11. Damn that really crazy I know someone who got shot in the back of the had with a bb gun and it went through. Didn't die but close to hitting the Brain. These things aren't toys like they market them to bbq
  12. Damn man. Becareful what u post on here. Police might be investigating you as we speak.
  13. SWIM will light up a J in honor of your friend.
  14. damn that's fucked up... i'm sorry for your loss.. RIP
  15. :)
    We don't SWIM here, grasscity is on land my friend.

    Sorry about your loss OP, although I'd have to guess that the BB punctured one of his blood vessels leading to or from the heart, a collapsed lung is a very visible condition and would lead enough time to save his life, an internal bleed is much harder to see
  16. See Bro we.don't drink anymore

    We have smoke out parties... try it
  17. Trust me drunk girls are better than high ones
  18. try and look forward. dont look back. time will take the memery away if you let yourself 4get
  19. what town/city did this happen in?
  20. Some of them pellet guns are no joke. Its either a .177 or .22 flying over 1000fps.

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