Friend choped up the weed too much

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by inopolize, Sep 1, 2002.

  1. A friend of mine bought a tight ass dime bag and choped the weed up sooo fine it was like god damm powder, he had a few cones out of it then chucked me the rest, i packed one cone with it and had that then i just rolled a little joint with the powder like weed lol

    this thread is pointless

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  2. smoke it, lol i had a friend that did that kind of shit too
  3. If i have good smoke that taste bad i'll also pick up some smoke that taste good then mix it all together really fine, then it all taste ok and gets you pretty stoned. If i'm not mixing weed i don't really cut it up much.

    yeah the thread was pointless but thats ok :)
  4. :)

    i had that shit at lunch time today, didnt feel much but then this other dude came and busted out a fat sac so we rolled one with his shit and got pretty ripped,

    gettin some of it tomorrow hopefully, ill try post a pic

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