Friend came to school unbelievably fucked up

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    Ok, to get this straight before the age police come in here trolling my thread asking how old I am. This happend last year around Oct. I gradated this year in June and I'm now 19.

    That being said I'll get to it. I had gym first hour. And my friend was in my class. He comes up to me and says "dude I took 6 Viocidin". I said "What the fuck, why?!. He told me how his wisdom teeth got removed and they hurt really bad so he took 6. We had baseball that day and he was saying the funniest things.

    When we were in the out field he said all these things. "Stand by so if the ball comes you can grab it", In the most fucked up voice I ever heard "Ughh I just want to sit downnnnnnnnnn (chuckle)". He even told the coach he was high as fuck. Haha since it was a semi-legit reason he didn't get in trouble. The whole day he was noddin and it was pretty funny.
  2. Cool story bro

  3. You're hilarious.
  4. Hahaha, I knew a guy that came to school fucked up on morphine.

    He tried walking home and ended up walking in a circle through a field and random backstreets to get home. He had no idea where he was.

    LOL though, he shoulda smoked weed too.:smoking:
  5. bro, this is a cool story...

    sorry man, but seriously
  6. Rofl. I remember those days. I graduated in 08' and my senior year I did things similar to that. Took a bunch of vicodin went into art class and stared at the clock for like an hour. My teacher was like, "have you been taking medication" I'm like ohh, I realized I was spacing off and a girl that new I was messed up covered for me saying I was reaallyy tired.. I also remember sniffing pills in the back of the classroom with another girl while the teacher was helping other students lol. Good times :smoke:
  7. My friends often find it fun to go to class drunk. I dont see the point. But it makes for a hilarious class. I guess you could say our teachers are laid back n dont seem to care. People smell like bud on the daily. The school doesnt care.
  8. It surprises me that you "Cool story, bro" kids have no rep, or neg rep :rolleyes:.

    Anyways I have yet to try any sort of opaite or synthetic opaite (forgot the name lol).
  9. no, im hiv positive that you are incorrect.
  10. i never had trouble at school on opiates.

  11. Well he did just get his teeth pulled then haha. Hows the new vape treating you?
  12. Haha, what area of Wisconsin you from? I went to high school in the area and a lot of people at my school came "fucked up". Not always vic's and the like, though I know people who did those and oxy regularly. A lot smoked and took aterol (sp? lol) almost everyday. Other pills too, not really sure what, but it made for some interesting shit. Few drank here and there too, lol :D.

  13. I'm in south east WI.
  14. My friend did that once...

    Except it wasn't funny at all. I carried him out to my car and drove him to the hospital to get his stomach pumped. Kid nearly died.
  15. Haha, cool shit. Obviously can't say exactly what school but I was in a suburb about ~20mile north of milwaukee. ~190 in my graduating class. FUN times baby!
  16. I've been in school on acid...

    but if theres one thing you absolutely DO NOT want in your system at school it's alcohol. I've seen tons of dumbass girls get drunk at lunch and get expelled cause they thought itd be fun to be fucked up in class. Jus smoke weed, get high and get shit done :cool:
  17. Kids that get fucked up and go to school are just flat out can't do anything positive for these people, so they might as well stay. Just stay. Good boy...sit!
  18. Some things aren't for everyone, just like weed. I went to school drunk 3-4 times last year. Fun as fuck if I do recall and I turned out just fine :rolleyes:.

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