Friend Broke My Bubbler-- Should He Pay For A Replacement?

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  1. So the other night a good friend of mine and I were stoned, he had his feet propped up on the table in front of us, near my almost new(got it a month or so ago), scientific bubbler. Well, as you might expect, when he went to move his feet, he hooked it and pulled it off the table at just the right angle so that the base connected with the bottom part of the table. As soon as it happened, he obviously felt bad and kept saying "oh man I'm so sorry, I'll get you a new one."
    After the clean up process, I'm putting the shards into the trashcan when he says "I gotchu on half for a new piece." to which I said: "Ohhh... I'm sorry man, I really can't afford to buy a new piece. I JUST got this one a month ago." So he, clearly shaken that I would ask of such a thing replies "Okay dude, I'll get you  new one." and that was the end of it. I wasn't mad at him but I was obviously pretty upset when it happened. Before I got this, I was smoking out of a bowl with a hole that was too large to put anything in it, so I had to cut up a piece of aluminum foil into a screen each time I loaded a new bowl. After I got this bubbler, the difference was night and day. 
    He told me he would pay me back in a week or so when he got money from his roommate for rent, but just to be sure I wasn't just waiting on him, constantly having to pester him to pay me back, I asked him to come with me to help me pick out a replacement that I would pay for upfront.  What I want to know is: was this a dick move? Should I tell him he doesn't have to pay me back? I should also add that I'm always the one sharing while he rarely, if ever, contributes. Its not like he comes over and asks to start smoking. I just have it, I like to smoke, and I guess I just like to share. So the big picture from my point of view is that: I smoke him out all the time while he rarely reciprocates, and he destroyed the primary smoking device I use to smoke him out.
    TL;DR: Friend who I smoke out a lot broke my new(ish) bubbler by accident. Should he replace it?

  2. Tough one, manly because you saw his feet, you saw the glass........
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  3. Sounds kind of like a douchey friend to only offer to pay for half at first. It's clearly his fault.

    I know some people would be like "no, it's just a piece, he shouldn't have to pay for it blah blah blah"

    In my opinion though, he should be getting you a piece of equal or greater value back to you. Or at least the money for it. He needs to man up to his mistake and replenish your loss because your hard-earned money bought that piece.
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  4. That is a tricky situation but I think you are handling it rather well. If he is capable of paying you back for it then there is no reason he shouldn't, but if you find out that b/c he payed you back he will have to starve till next paycheck then cut him some slack. At least look into his situation before getting him to drop that much cash.
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  5. I know for a fact he won't starve. He's one of those people who has a bunch of money stored away in savings but absolutely can and will not touch it for any reason aside from an emergency. I'm one of those people who say "eh, I can take out 100 bucks and get a new piece and replenish my savings next paycheck." He doesn't talk personal finances but I know he isn't poor.
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  6. There is rules to this shit man. He broke the glass and he should either give you a new piece in equal value or give you the money you paid for said piece. That is that. It's not a douche move, it's the rule .
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  7. Whenever I have glass I either really trust who I'm with or I would never leave it near someone's feet/anywhere where it could be damaged while its not being used. SHOULD he pay for a replacement morally? Yes probably but the reality is shit happens if he's your buddy he'd help you out for fucking up or if not learn from it.

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  8. Since you always smoke him up.
    He should definitely start putting his share in and pay FULL PRICE.

    If it was me and we equally smoke.each other up then yeah, if it was an accident and a Friend then ill be cool with each paying half because with one stupid swift motion you have to pay for a piece that you dont get to keep which sounds killer
  9. What's tricky about this situation?
    Your friend broke your bong, your property, your money.
    Out of pure respect, I would have replaced in full plus a free eighth. 
  10. This is why i went with a Solo and stopped buying glass and started to roll paper when friends are around.  Shit happens...  Two other friends have started to use hookahs for same reason and I just bring my vapo or pipe over when visiting them. 
  11. if your friend smokes your weed and breaks your shit and is still a decent human being, he would replace the broken piece and also smoke you up.
    else, i don't see much point in having this friend around.
    if you don't do anything about this situation, then you are encouraging your friend's behavior  when shit ain't right, it ain't right, no two way around it.
  12. you break it, you buy it. if he is really your friend he will understand you asking for a replacement, or at least partially pay. 
  13. He should definitely pay you back, well that's what a friend is haha
  14. if  he offered to pay for a sense he does owe you something
    you may not get a new piece out of him but as a friend he should show some $love$
  15. This is the main reason I hate glass. If you buy glass, be prepared for it to get broken. I buy $15 bubblers so i wont cry so much if it breaks compared to a $200 roor.
  16. you shouldn't be mad at him, and he should compensate you fully. i dont know him but i would feel like shit in his shoes so keep that in mind to. but that is not a excuse for him not to compensate you
  17. If he's your "friend", he will buy you a new one, if he doesnt, well find better friends.

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