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Friend broke my bong

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by h2xhardcore, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. I let my friend borrow my bong for like 2 days and I went to get it this morning and it was broke. He told me be was putting it outside by the front gate then I arrive and my bongs laying down on it's side. I just paid 23 for new bowl Nd downstem for it. It's a $80 bong. Soo what should happen? What would u guys do?? I want money bAck.
  2. Hey was just like damn sorry bro I left it outside standing up in the corner so it wouldn't tip.he said the wind or chris dog might of knocked it over. I told him like earlier if he could put it inside and he said he was going to do errands.
  3. Forgive and forget my friend.
  4. Every bong I ever broke I paid back in full with cash and a fat ass sesh for the apology. Ive never heard of someone putting a bong outside to be picked up hours later, thats just asking to be stolen or in your case broke.

    Ask him for some compensation, its the right thing to do and if he dont then hes not a true stoner or a friend.
  5. I'm not just going to forget about it. I just had the bong for a week. I bought it from my friend. Then I went and spend another $23 for a downstem and a new bowl piece. I think he should at least give me $30-40 .
  6. Exactly I agree I'd give him money like u said. How should I bring this up? Like he's lucky I let him borrow the bong. I wanted to get it on Sunday but he said Monday Around 11 am.
  7. Sounds like he broke your bong then gave you some BS story about why it had to be left outside so it would look like it was an act of God.

    Bottom line, he borrowed it. If he didn't get it back into your hands in close to the condition he got it in, that's on him. It's the cost of borrowing some one else's stuff. He owes you at least 50% of the cost.
  8. Dont u think it's stupid he left it standing up? I think it would be smarter to lAy it down on the side then to Stand it up. Like wtff my other friend broke my bubb a couple weeks ago and never gave me shit
  9. YeAh exactly he broke his room mates pipe and bouhght him a $40 pipe. I paid 23 for stem: Nd bowl. I think he should give me at least $45
  10. So he broke his friends pipe before this and bought him another piece? At least you know he has good morals, man. See if there is anything he can help out with. If not, suck it up as a loss and move on, man. Good luck! :smoke:
  11. Your friend sounds like a fucking idiot. If I were you, I would tell him he needs to pay for what he broke. You lent him the bong, now you have a broken bong. And if he dosen't pay you back right away or at least start to then I would tell him he's a piece of shit and that your sorry you trusted him with anything of yours. Then never talk to him again.

    And bring some fatties with you to school, wait till he's around, then light it up and share around but deny him any at all. Also let everyone around the school know he's a fuck and a ripoff. You may not think that will do much, but trust me, nobody will want to let him use their shit if they know that about him.
  12. friends are more important than money but he should at least smoke you up with a dank sesh.
  13. I was always taught that when you borrow something, you give it back in as good, if not better, condition than it was already in. Have him go half on you for the bong, and smoke you up real nice. That's what I would do if I broke your bong, or make my friends do if they broke mine. Especially if it was that new to you. "When you forgive, you absorb all of the debt. Therefore, all forgiveness is costly."
    Forgive him half way. :p

  14. Haha I get where you're coming from man but that wouldn't solve anything lol, just makes more drama, which is the last thing I go looking for...

    I know its not ideal OP but there's no sense in crying over spilt milk, just forgive and forget, karma will works its way back around to you.
  15. I just testes him saying hey I left you the bong and now I have a broken bong. Can u pitch half so I can get something new.. I'm waiting for him to respond ritenow then I'll post what he says.. Hes my friends room mate I blazed it with him numerous times
  16. [quote name='"h2xhardcore"']I just testes him saying hey I left you the bong and now I have a broken bong. Can u pitch half so I can get something new.. I'm waiting for him to respond ritenow then I'll post what he says.. Hes my friends room mate I blazed it with him numerous times[/quote]

    I really hope he does the right thing especially since you're being so nice about how you're proposing it
  17. It sounds like you have every right to ask for ALL of the money. What you're doing really is nice, but it sounds like he's giving you a BS story because he doesn't want to pay for it.

    Just my .02

    Moral of the story: Don't lend glass
  18. He broke your bong, not only that your BRAND NEW bong with a new downstem. he should have to pay for it and he should smoke you up too. Its common courtesy mang.
  19. #19 2FootBong, Nov 14, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 14, 2011
    wait, was it just the stem or did he break the whole thing? id say he needs to pay you for any damage done. if he broke the whole thing, he needs to buy you a new bong. i never loan shit for this exact reason, once my friend offered to give me a $20 bowl (like just giving it to me, not expecting it back) to let him borrow my bong for 2 days, i said fuck no because i know he doesnt have the money to replace it. your friend is an asshole for not offering you the money on the spot. ive never broken someone elses piece, but if i did i would be apoligizing my ass off and id definately smoke them out in addition to paying them back for it.

    EDIT: i get it now. you should go after him for the entire $103 if the new parts are broken too.
  20. Since you didn't tell him to leave it outside, he should have to pay for the whole thing. Fuck making him pay for half, his dumb ass left it where it could have easily fallen over and broke. Get every penny. No handouts out here, come on

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