friend beaten to death

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  1. well, where do i start...

    so about a week ago 3 friends of mine went over to this one chicks house where a bunch of these fake ass gang members party at. apparently they got dressed in black, got masks and a broken gun (didnt shoot but they brought anyway). they drive up to this house and one of my friends, L, gets out, along with B and D. they walk up to a kid sitting on the curb (one of the "gang members") and either B or L points the gun at them and asks for this one kid (he had been fuckin around with them for a while, but just recently he had been getting at D's girlfriend) the kid on the curb gets up and another guy oustide runs at them all and before anyone knows it there is a street brawl.

    my friends had the upper hand in a 3 on 2 fight but the kid who had been sitting on the curb breaks free and runs in the house. the kid and 6 other people run out. they procceed to start knocking the shit out of all 3 of them. D gets a chance and is able to run away. L and B are left there getting the shit tottaly knocked out of them. they are on the floor get stomped out by 2 people on B and 4 on L. sometime during this (events are eskew from here since im going off of what L told us and he had been dipping in and out of consciencness) the gang members go back into the house for a second than come back out. one has a knife. B gets stabbed in the lung. L is able to crawl over to an ex girlfriends house that was like 2 doors down and wakes everyone up (its just past midnight) and gets inside and falls on their kitchen floor. he went to the hospital with staples on his head (from where they took the gun and pistol whipped him) and stitchs on his eye brow, couple teeth knocked out (needs to get perma-dentures now), and severly fucked up lookin, and some broken ribs.

    B died of 9 brain contissions (i dont remember the word but its having a bruise right on the brain) and for his punctured lung. this gang is fucking retarded and even though what my friends did was retarded on so many levels they werent coming over to kill anyone. i know the fake ass gang fuckers were protecting themselves (AT FIRST) but when they kept beating on them, left them, beat them some more, stabbed one of them... they took that shit way too far!!!!!!!!! :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

    anyway, remember my friend B it wasnt even his problem with these guys or anything. he was only 19 or 20. this shit is unacceptable. so please dont flame me for the stupid shit they did i know that they are fuckin retarded for doing a few things tonight but none of them warranted the OK to kill one of them!!! take care everyone and dont do anything stupid because u never know what kind of shit might happen
  2. wait... so your buddy straight up DIED??

    Umm, is there justice being served to the murderer(s)? Arrests or anything?

    Isn't this like a big deal in your area/town/city?

    Is there a news article online somewhere about B's death at the party?

    the fuck ?
  3. Thats rough, dude.

    I dont wanna sound harsh or anything, but thats what you get delt if your bangin. Shit happens if your out causin trouble. Its a fact most people say, but over look in the long run. People kill, others die. Its a way of life.

  4. ^^ -- agreed

    Shit is going to happen and be started, and unfortunately in the process people will die.
    I like to think if you don't want trouble, don't look for trouble.
  5. in what state did all this happen ? but either way ya if you go w/ masks and fake guns trying to rob ppl your just looking for problems
  6. Live by the sword, die by the sword. My heart goes out to you my friend, now it's time to grow up and get away from that life style. Good luck bro.
  7. Not be be a fag, but it sounds like they deserverd it. Carma, what do you expect when you run up on a gang with a gun. Apperently they werent to fake. Just my opinion. I dont know what to say because I cant say sorry because they were stupid enough to do it. As for your pussy friend D (I may be wrong.) he deserves to be beaten for bailing on his friends. Would you run up on a cop with a unloaded gun?
  8. I agree, where I'm really sorry that your friend died and all, what he did wasn't necessary, if someone pointed a gun in my face I'd cut them up with my machete, and then go get my father's rifle, no joke, it's not funny when people play with guns.

    At the very least I hope your other friends that lived will at least learn from this and not do stuff like that again. I guess at times like this with unnecessary deaths of young people that's really the only thing that you can do.

    This story reminds me of that Sopranos episode where Jackie tried to rob the family with some of his friends as a joke, and they were all killed, I think that was like third season maybe? who knows, the idea seemed to fit.

    My condolences to the families involved dude
  9. dude my condolences go out to you and his friends and faimly. but i dunno what i would do in your sitation but hope some sort of "justice" is given . (im not promoting violence or anything just the killer get whats coming to them) and i hope that this wont happen.

    i m a firm believer in dont kill unless someone else kills first. a life for a life and a broken rib for a broken rib . thats my justice and i think the government should deal it out ...
  10. thanks to everyone for the kind words. here is a link to an article about it, it wont give you much information and its really fucked up when it comes to the actual events. this kim gangi bitch didnt have a gun pointed at her. they didnt leave, wtf? if they left than how come the cops showed up with them getting beat down??????? anyway here it is

    to the people who say they deserved it, to a degree they did, i can agree whole heartedly with that, but they didnt kill anybody. they werent beating on those dudes till the passed out, than walked away, came back, stabbed one of them, and continue beating on them. i know that they put themselves in the position to have that happen. but if this happened to one of your good friends you wouldnt be saying " well they started it so he deserved to die" no. thats just not fuckin right.

    oh ya, they arrested 2 guys because they had warrants, thats it. nothing else. and they were released the next day. the town i live in is pretty crowded and busy but not ghetto by any means. this kind of shit NEVER happens. the cops are investigating for now and there will be more arrests when they find out what really happened, for now they are doin what the fuck they always do.

    p.s. the guy who stabbed my friend was sleeping in the SAME FUCKIN HOUSE they were partying at the night before when i found out what happened the next morning when i visited the crime scene. is that justice? FUCK NO!!!!!!

  11. yes. straight up beaten TO death. he was kept on life support just long enough to see if his organs were ok to donate. fortunately they were able to save the lives of 7 other people with his organs, so im happy to hear that his death was not in vain. still the motherfuckers who should be giving up their organs are the ones who did this!!!!! :mad:
  12. Im sorry about your friend, but there was no need to dress up and fight, point guns, now cuz of this some 1 died. Im sorry my friend. But sometimes things dont have to go down that way. Where do u live at what state?
  13. im sorry for your friends but it doesnt sound to me like these guys are "fake gang members". your friends shouldnt of been looking for trouble especially in someone else hood. only bad things are gonna happen when you get in that situation i been there
  14. If 3 guys show up pointing a gun, broken or not. Killing them would be Self Defense, not murder. Sorry, but if someone walks in my house with bad intentions, armed or not, I'm gonna blow their fucking head off. Sorry to be harsh, it sucks when people die young, but they are lucky that 2 of them were able to survive. Your buddy D sounds like a wuss. He got in to the shit with the other 2, he should have stayed with the other 2 and fought. Maybe B would have only had 2 or 3 brain contutions and not gotten stabbed. Maybe he would have survived if there was 1 more person there to absorb some of the punishment.

    It's not hard to find trouble, all ya gotta do is look. But I don't feel sad for people that have anything to do with gang bullshit. They went looking for trouble, B was with them, sorry dude, he had it coming. It's usually the 1 that has the least amount of interest in the fight that dies.

    Why didn't they just go break in to a zoo and play with the lions and tigers? Maybe they could find some alligators and wrestle them. You poke a stick at a bear, it'll rip your head off.

    My prayers are with his family.
  15. fag.


    Thats a fucked up way to die.
  16. Damn, that sucks to have one of your friends die, but that had to be one of the stupidest decisions of their lives. Feel sorry for the kid's parents, and I hope D carries some of the burden for L's death especially if it was all his idea. What did they expect for the gangsters to do, escort them to the kid. Such a stupid way to end a life. I hope some of those people go to prison eventually cuz there must have been a lot of eyewitnesses everywhere that saw that happen.
  17. I'm sorry for your loss Ziggy.

    I hope something was learned from this unfortunate event.
  18. I hope his friends don't decide to go back and try to kill the guys or whatever that did this, because then there will be only more deaths.
  19. Why did they not like each other? What happened in the past to make this happen?

    Why does it happen that we can't put aside our differences to the point where people die?

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