Friend asks me to sleep with his wife...

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  1. Well I have a friend who is married. His wife is ok looking, and they are some kinky fucks. So one night while im high as fuck, and he is in the military so he doesnt smoke, he asked me. "Hey what would you say if I asked you to sleep with my wife?". I was shocked... I said, well since you guys are moving anyways Sure! So then he asked if he could fuck her while she gives me a BJ. I declined. So the next night again high as hell his wife comes over, doesnt say a word and goes to town LOL. Crazy night man, got some picks sent them to a couple friends via blackberry then deleted them to get rid of evidence LOL.:smoking:
  2. thts hilarious shit
  3. how hot was she scale of 1 to ten.
  4. I would never do Might cause marriage problems or something.
  5. Well I would say she is... 7 to 8. She is skinny but she has had kids so... they asked me, i dont care if they have marriage issues, and they moved away (to united kingdom) so i dont have to talk to them any more. if they werent moving i prolly wouldnt have done it.
  6. interesting.
  7. i wouldve done it too

  8. Well that's not very nice...
  9. +rep to ya for getting it done.

    if the couple wasn't moving away to probably never see again i dont think i couldve done it either.
  10. I bet it made there marriage even better by mixing it up a bit...
  11. I would of ripped it up too.
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    Their marriage won't last, if it isn't hasn't already fallen apart. In the end that kind of stuff does not strengthen a relationship. Quite the opposite in fact :eek:

    ...but props to you for getting some no-strings-attached :D

  13. :rolleyes:not my problem...

  14. this is an opinion. the exact opposite can be true for many couples. i've read accounts on both sides of it.
  15. Thanks for the +rep peeps!
  16. lol crazyness....if i was in the same spot id prob do it 2....only if they were moving and good move on denying the 3some...tht shit woulda been akward
  17. hahaha nice! That's an opportunity you just don't pass up.

  18. Heres one account:
    I met my wife in a swingers chat room. 6 years later we are still in love and still in the lifestyle:D
    I love watching my wife get plowed, just as much as she loves watching me slam some one else. Its a huge turn on for us. Its our belief that its human nature to want to bang a lot of mates, and as long as its just for the physical pleasure of it, theres nothing but benefits. I see nothing wrong with a cock hungry slut, thats why I married one:hello::wave::smoking:
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  20. Thats pretty fucking awesome...

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