Friend 40 days in jail for bullshit

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  1. My friend was recently locked up for 40 days for this:

    He made a whacking off gesture to someone in public and someone calls the cops on him for masturbating in public.

    The cop shows up to find my friend's zipper down, because his jeans have a faulty zipper, and apparently that is enough to convince a jury that he was indeed jacking off in public.

    One of the homeless guys is in cahoots with the police department because the lady cop gave the dude a case of beer for reporting my friend.

    Both of the homeless eye witnesses have felony charges against them and there is no hard evidence that proves anything, and he was locked up.

    Innocent until proven guilty is out the window.
  2. Well that's just fucked, your friend should jizz on the DA's desk and present exhibit C
  3. Uh, a homeless guy with a prior record is in "cahoots" with the local police?

    I'm really struggling to not ask what the rest of the story is, but if this is true, then I'm not surprised, since the judge is probably married to the woman who paid the homeless guy off.:rolleyes:
  4. Some cases dont need real evidence to get a conviction. Rape cases are a big one for this. A girl can simply accuse some guy and hes off for 10-20
  5. :laughing: not exactly..

    lesson..dont make masturbating gestures with faulty zippers
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    Your friend sounds like the type of idiot who does stupid shit to make himself look funny. Granted, whoever called the cops over exagerated but still. He should be grateful there weren't any kids around with their fathers. I know if I seen some dumbass fake like he was jacking it in front of my children I would lose control. No need for the cops:devious:. Lesson learned.
  7. They do have to have sex at least. It happened to a good friends brother because of some slut
  8. In cahoots, an informant, same thing.
  9. so he made a whacking off gesture at a random stranger...?

    If so, why did he do it in the first place...

    Also lol imagine the situation...

    Cop- sir, what are you doing we got complaints of someone masturbating in public...
    *Looks and sees your friends zipper*
    Put your hands behind your back.......

    Lol, its only 40 days so I guess he'll learn his lesson....
    He might not serve the whole thing..
  10. I am skeptical of the facts as provided.

    Considering the seriousness of the charge, he should have had an attorney.

    If he did have an attorney this is easy to make vanish.

    Either he was a dumbass and didn't get an attorney for a charge that will require him to register as a sex offender... or he likely was beating off in public.
  11. He told me why he did it, but I can't remember what it was.
  12. If your Charades skills are so intense that people actually believe you're masturbating....I dunno

    Whenever I make the 'jerk off' gesture (and I've never done it to a complete stranger) the hand in question is somewhere at chest level

    Damn homeless avengers
  13. So.. did the homeless guy flag down a cop or something? Or is he one of those 'homeless' guys with a cellphone?
  14. That sucks for your friend, but honestly that's funny as shit lol.
  15. Lesson learned. Wear pants with buttons.
  16. I think you have it wrong. See in America it's

    guilty until proven innocent.

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