Fried chicken

Discussion in 'General' started by 420girlie, Feb 11, 2002.

  1. Hell yeah, were having home-made fried chicken and mashed potatoes and gravy for dinner, I love sundays!
  2. Hell yea southern fried chicken. I love it fried with potatos and gravy.
  3. It was every bit as good as I expected. I am way too full, but I supose I can't complain.
  4. my mom made some skank ass yorkshire pudding and some weird meat....i think ill swing by taco bell tonight
  5. Finger licken' good!!!
  6. Around here we have Taco Bell/ KFC. The two best in one restaraunt! Hell Yeah!

    p.s. What the hell is yorkshire pudding?
  7. Sounds like runny dog shit to me. lol

    Damn I'm hungry. Taco Bell? mmmmmm grilled stuffed burrito!
  8. I'll trade someone leftover fried chicken and mashed potatoes and gravy for some Taco Bell. *lol*
  9. yorkshire pudding is like flour and eggs and other ingredients that are mixed into the pan that has meat grease drippings in it....and then the stuff rises in the oven like a giant cake...but it isnt sweet..its salty and tastes like greasy tofu....

    three words:
    tastes like shit

    (sorry to all the brits out there...but your "pudding" just doesnt tickle my hard feelings right?)
  10. you poor thing.,,,,whats your mom thinkin? food like that in,...
    where ya from?...ohio
  11. lol, no sorry id rather be castrated with toenail clippers than live in ohio

  12. lol, me too
  13. Nubbin you should get your ass over here and grub on leftovers w/ me.
  14. you guys are making me MAD hungry especially why am i reading this supastoned knowing i'll get all starved...

    i'm gonna have to go raid our fridge see what i can make tonight, thought i wasn't hungry but heck yeah i am!

    i love making homemade philly cheesesteak sandwiches, like you'd never believe! or fajitas, mmm. might be one of those nites.

    thanks alot man 420girlie don't get scared if you see a blonde hippygirl raidin' your fridge for leftovers ;P~
  15. heh heh. And I made chicken tonight for supper.

    (Too lazy to fry it so I baked it)

    But a Philly cheesesteak? (As I mop the saliva from my keyboard)

    Man, I'm hungry again!

    ALl of these suggestions sound good (well, except for my lovely description of what I thought Yorkshire pudding might be... thanks for the explanation of what that really is...)

    Hey, come to think of it, it doesn't even sound good now that I've read what it really is! And I’m stoned even!
  16. thanks alot man 420girlie don't get scared if you see a blonde hippygirl raidin' your fridge for leftovers ;P~ [/B][/QUOTE]

    Wake me up if you come over, we'll smoke some bowls. We have a badass kitchen and lots of stuff to make food, you should come make me some food.

    P.S. don't forget to take off your shoes and lock the door, dad would kick my ass. *lol*
  17. does anyone else think potted meat/spam/catfood are the same thing?

    today i did something i havent done in a long time, i was looking at all my pipes and couldnt deside what one to some out of. thinking hard about this i went into the kitchen and picked up an apple to eat then thought to smoke out of that. that was so sweet. like putting juice in a bong. and it was something to eat after.

    PS granny smith (sweet apple) works best
  18. Well, this weekend I'm having a fish fry at the farm. Fresh caught brim, shellcracker, bass, all fried up crispy and gold, with plenty of hushpuppies, fries, onion rings, cold beer, mixed drinks, and plenty of smoke. I got some friends coming in from TN and we are going to whoop it up!

    The only catch.... ? We don't have any fish yet, we got to catch 'em Staurday morning, cool 'em down, and then clean them or else its go hungry.

    Unoit and Critter, what kind of fish do you catch and eat at your locale and how do you clean them? I clean mine with a pocket knife and a spoon.
  19. I'm ready to go fishing right now! I started getting the tackle out last night and clearing up the gear. I need to put new line plus tackle on my brim busters to fix all the tangles that the kids put on them during my sons birthday party.

    I particularly don't like to clean fish while I'm smoking. No matter how hard you try to keep clean, fish gunk always ends up on the joint and you get a good hit of it. YUCK!

    But if I can catch a couple of dozen brim right off the bat Saturday morning, that'll leave all afternoon long to party.

    BTW I can't believe you don't eat the salmon up there. That's the only fish I'll eat out here at home. Now when we go to the coast nothing beats fresh scamp, grouper, or red snapper. I'm not keen on the wahoo or tunas.
  20. I had a KFC meal tonight. =) Still eaten the potato wedges. =)


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