Fridge grow?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by quinnphill8, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. I was grabbing a soda earlyer and a thought came to me...

    Is it possible to grow in a Fridge?

    I was thinking about it because you can use many HOT lights and cool it down. lol

    Is a fridge grow a good idea is anyone able to to do it? Has any one done it?
  2. i have seen it done but the cooling units where all removed
  3. Yeah the cooling thing was a joke :]

    i was really thinking it because its rediculously easy to line it with electricity. and if done right you can get a few short plants in there.
  4. i think a fridge grow would work awesome for a big mother she could just go wild in ther clones for life
  5. Hell yeahh! A big ass fat mother.
  6. I love the idea of growing a plant or two with cfls inside an inactive refrigerator or freezer. But an active one? I think moisture might become an issue, among other things. :(
  7. Oops. I see now, you said the cooling thing was a joke. My bad.
  8. It would be a nice garage grow for all of you who can do it.
  9. Check these links out. I think both videos are from the same grow but the fridge is operational. Well at least the freezer part, its on a timer routed into the fridge section below. Pretty amazing grow too! His temp tange is PERFECT as well as humidity as indicated by the thermometer/hygrometer on top. He also uses CO2 also.

    Youtube video shows the setup & grow
    [ame=]YouTube - Jack Herer Is In My Fridge[/ame]

    Website shows the setup

    I know the thread is a couple months old but I figured someone may be interested :p
    Im getting ready to stat a fridge grow of my own, only with a non operational one for now.


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