fridge cooling issues??help??

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  1. OK so my wife has given in and let me set up a fridge grow room!! Well that was 2 mths ago and I finally have a seed that sprouted (old seed issues) but I have had a few tomato plants going to act as my guinea pigs, so I put them into flower the other day to test out my lights, ventilation and temps, the lights are great (CFL's) but ventilation and temps are not what I want!! Temp was around 110F with the door closed (I would like to keep it closed most of the time, and with one small fan on and the door open it lowered to 89F,I had 2 12v VW blower fans one in the lower that’s a double sided blower (2 exit holes) one I rigged to go to the upper area and the other for the lower and in the upper room I also had I had fan blowing out they were hooked to 2-12V deep cycle batteries that did not last my full 12hrs with both blowing on full
    So I went out a bought a 70cfm bathroom fan that lasted about 5mins before it blew the motor but I did managed to return it to the store and get my money back!! TFG!!! Now what??
    My set up looks like Should my room be forced air in, or should it just be sucking air out or both? Or make a vacuum type effect My room is 3'x2'x1.6', I was thinking of hooking up a 2-turbo fan to suck air in & out
    But I have no way to control the heat and smell (my father-in-law is here ever day for a visit) my first idea was going to duct it out the vent for the house to get rid of the smell??
    Anyone willing to help me please, I'm a going nuts trying to think of another plan of attack??
  2. I wouldn't give up on the exhaust fan just 'cause one burned out. They use standard duct exhaust ports so you should be able to vent it outside. Don't know where you're fridge is located or how easy it is to bore thru your wall but the depot or other home improvement store will have everything you need to put in a dryer vent. :rolleyes:

    I didn't see any intakes in your box either. How is air being exchanged? the volume in my box is close to yours and I have one 50CFM exhaust sucking air out of the top and three 2" holes in the bottom on the opposite side. That keeps my box with 224 watts of lights right at ambient room temp.

  3. hey oldskool
    I only had a 1 1/2" in and out hole- that must be whats causing my probs!!they need to be a bit bigger I think then!! I also need bigger fans then!! the 2 VW fans I guess or not strong enough and the bathroom fan I had they crap out to fast!!
    I think I will make a hole 4" and make a cone for my fan to suck the air out and see if that works?? ya its not that easy to make holes i this fridge 40's metal is real metal not this mix crap we have now days 2 layers to go through and the inner one has ceramic coating thats real hard to cut!! I'' get on to this tonight and see what comes of it !!
    cheers old ( yet again)
  4. Don't cut a bigger hole and then funnel it down smaller, that's still the venting equivalent of a small hole. Four inch diameter or more all the way to outside is what you want.

    And yes you need separate intake and exhaust holes. Intake down low and exhaust up high (because heat rises).
  5. hey toast I not cutting a bigger hole to funnel it down to smaller , Im making a 10" fan into a 4" both sides then cutting my holes to match the ducting 4"
    I just cant seem to find(local place) a 4" Y pipe to split my duct for the dryer to get this out of the house ?? oh well I can always go and see this old amish mennonite guy out of town to make me one for 20$
    I already have the holes (one high and one low !! just not enough going through them is my prob!! ) thats why I'm going to 4"

    I'll post some pics when I get a chance to get'r done!!
  6. Sounds good. I misunderstood what you were saying about a cone. G'luck.

  7. cheers!!

    what is the Optimal running temp ?? what temp has proven to be the best for MJ to grow in ?? I have seen lots of different info about this??
    and its kinda hard to get my temps down for a temp I have no idea what it is!!

    I was thinking it would be nice to have 80-82F daytime and 72-75 nighttime ??
    anyone like to add something to this?? please feel free to fill me in on best temps!!

    so far I cut out my first hole !! 4" for my exhaust took a bit to do that part of the fridge has 3 layers of steel and the ceramic coating
    ripped out a bunch of insulation from the door and the back today in hope to bring down the temp
    did you know that in these older fridges they used paper for the insulation
    its more like light cardbord one flat paper and a crinkle layer glued to it packed 10 layers think !! crazy!!!
    made a cone that goes from 10" to 4" and hooked up the fan to suck(10" honeywell turbo fan"") now I need to make the another cone to duct it to the out side !!
    will be cutting out the intake hole tomorrow in the wall to outside (I only have a 1-2 hr window to do this!!) I live in condo town houses and the people next door are real snoopy!!
    wish me luck
  8. OK I managed to do a 2 day work on getting fresh air in and the old air out
    I'm useing 8" honeywell fan as a blower fan
    I took 2 pieces of bristol board and made 2 cones and duct tape them on each side attached the ducting to the cones
    the other I ran a duct to the door of hte fridge and it sits right behind the fan
    but I'm still a bit over what I want for a running temp 80-82-Fdaytime and 68-72F-night with the door closed at all times!!
    right now its 77F in the house and in the fridge its 80-81F but the door is open about 3" with another fan blowing in from the out side!! when I shut the door and let it sit for 10min its at 86-88F if I let it sit over 30mins its stayes at 95F

    so what do you think my prob is
    1! need more intake cool air ??
    2! needs more sucking power
    Solutions ??
    1!.. to make it cooler either run a 2nd duct to a 2nd fan in there(I have the room)?
    2! make a rad type rigg and stick it in front of the intake fan and run cool/cold water through it and have that fan just blowing the cool intake are at it cooling it even more (but not a real controled way)??
    3! get a better out take set up??
    I do have a blower from a furnace I think its a 1500cfm (similer to this kind)
    I could hook it up maybe to the out duct ??

    so what would ya suggest?? Im listening!
    I'm just not to sure about witch way would be better or should I just do all of those changes and see?? I still have 2 weeks before my single seed can be cloned and find out its male!!


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