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  1. Would keeping your piece in the fridge, will that effectively cool down smoke? jsut thought of that ahah. Kinda stoned atm hah!

    but yeah good o no?
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    I don't think putting it in the fridge would work unless you put it in there for a really long time.. There are water pipes that you can buy that have water between the glass that you can put in the freezer to cool the smoke. It's basically the same idea as putting ice in a bong. Unless you have thick, quality glass I wouldn't try that because cheaper spoons will may crack if they have any trapped air bubbles or thin glass.
  3. The problem with putting a piece that has the bowl attached (spoon or bubblers) is that once you take the peice out of the fridge you have condensation to deal with, the bowl would constantly be damp where you put the weed in and wouldn't burn right.

    Also, if your cooling your piece down that much, then heating up very quickly with a lighter, you could cause the glass to weaken or crack eventually.

    But I'm sure if you have enough space in your fridge to put a full size bong (without the slide) in, it would definately cool the water, as well as the glass around it to make for very nice icy cool hits.
  4. Yea I keep my bong in my fridge without the bowl. You don't want to subject glass to sudden temperature changes. But keeping the bong in there and having the water cool down makes the smoke so much better
  5. If you have a slide, then just take it out and put the main piece in. That way the flame doesn't hit something that was cold.
  6. no it woudl heat up immediatley and also that would really easily crack your piece

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