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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Muncheese, May 8, 2006.

  1. My buddy dropped by after school on Friday, we get together a few times a week for a joint or bowl from the bong, etc. My neighbor is a dealer, the ultimate convenience, so I walk by there and pick up a $20 bag (2 grams) of sour diesel. Never had it before but I heard about it and it smelled pretty good. So I cut it up and everything since my buddy lacks skills, and we went out to my garage to toke up. I rolled a nice size joint with it and I had enough left for a few bowl packs of my bong, so we smoked the joint down to a roach then went into the house to watch some tv.

    An hour or so later I bring the bong out and back out we go. I usually drop a few pieces of the cut up weed while I'm packing the bowl, and this time was no different. I dropped a pretty big piece, and my friend bent over to pick it up while I lit the bowl. So he hands it to me and we pass the bong back and forth for a few hits, then I decide its time to add that piece off the floor. Once the spider webs are off I realize that it doesn't really look like weed, so I take a closer look and see that I've been picking apart a massive dead fly with my fingers, and had almost put it in the lit bowl. My buddy and I had a huge laugh at this, after I screamed like a little girl and threw the thing out the door. :D

    We both had the munchies after awhile so we walked down to this fry truck on the corner and bought a bunch of stuff, the person inside kept making us repeat ourselves and then we had to wait like an hour (was probably 5 minutes) for our food. Walking home the whole block to my house, my cell phone rings and of course I answer it with my mouth full of hamburger. I guess my mom came home while we were out and asked where we were, I just waved from where we were standing and hung up the phone. My eyes always get red as hell so she noticed as soon as we got close enough, but my parents are cool with weed so I don't have to worry about them coming home at an inopportune time.

    Later on, she had to leave to babysit some kids, then came back in the house and told us that she hit my buddies truck parked in the driveway. A huge 2005 Dodge Dakota against that little Sunfire she drives. We didn't really care since we were blazed off our asses, but we had to ride to the bodyshop with her and talk to some guy about it. Suprisingly, that didn't kill my buzz like I thought it would so everything went back to normal when we got home. Watched Anchorman and enjoyed the evening, until his dad called all pissed off and we yelled at each other over the phone. So it'll cost $1500 to fix his truck and $400 to fix her car. Glad it wasn't me.
  2. ahhaha the dead fly was the best part:D

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