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  1. i love the general forum ha ha!

    it's saturday afternoon, and i just had to tell you all about my friday.

    it was just so perfect. i layed in the sun a bit, that's the slow part. then ran into a friend, who gave up some free karma weed (you know the kind, the free stuff has an extra kindness too it!!). then i watched goodfellas (good movie), and wrapped the night up with good sex.

    the end! i hope all your friday's were good too!
  2. lucky you :)

    I had no sun, no smoke and definetely no sex ;)

  3. No Smoke?!?!?! WTF?! How is that possible Super J??! You're in the Bud capitol of the world! :) I'd think you'd grow your own. If I lived there, I know I would. :)
  4. i had no sex. but i did get drunk for st. patricks day. and i have NO hangover.
  5. no sex, but lots of weed.
  6. MY Friday occured in Saturday.

    I had sex twice and smoke all day. It is sunny today so that counts because I am high.

    Sunny Sundays! :D
  7. ohyeaaaah! happylate st. patricks day to you all!

    no hangover here either! haha
  8. i fell like shit, i drank and i drank and then i had a cigar. it's 7:44 pm and i still feel like shit from saterday. lol, im a hungover leprahcaun.

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  9. Ugh! Hangovers! I'm so succeptable to those that I almost never drink, even though I found a preventative for the hang over.

    It has never failed me, and I got a hangover every time I got drunk before a friend told me about this easy remedy.

    #1- eat something before you go to sleep.

    #2- take a pain reliever (Tylenol works for me).

    #3- drink a glass of water.

    I'm such a huge wuss when it comes to alcohol, but I don't remember the last time I had a hangover. I drink rarely, but I knock 'em back when I do.

    Jack - n - Coke. Or vodka and fruit punch.

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  10. ahhh, friday. Load of dope(as always :D ) Got really fucking drunk and smoked a half oz with a few friends, then I went to a hockey game also as always (hey, I live in Canada, it's what we do for fun :D )Then, went to a party got more drunk...toked all night (almost) but NO SEX :( gotta hate that part...
  11. I feel much better now. Thanks budburner for the tips, next time i drink (that won't be for a while) Ill try to remember that.
  12. Resurrection!
  13. Lol this thread is aaaaaaaancient

    10 fuckin years old...... lol almost 11
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    A ten year BUMP to say resurrection!

    Fuck yeah

    My Friday was hospital till night and then went to a gathering at the beach, was fucking freezing but it was with a good group of friends, great smoke, no booze:( and awesome girls.

  15. why?????
  16. Hell yeah, i wonder what these blades are doing now:smoke:
  17. Old as fuh

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