Friday the 14th

Discussion in 'General' started by sassafrasquatch, May 15, 2004.

  1. well last night after i got home from work, i had just changed and settled down to browse the city when a friend of mine called and told me to come over. She was obviously drunk on the phone, so how could i refuse. Anyways i went over there and it started with just 4 people but we had some more people over, ended up maybe 10-15, pretty nice size. not too big where its just annoying but large enough to party hardy.
    yeah this seems like "oh whats the big deal" but the thing is im on probation and havent drank or smoked in over a month. so im just thinking...well if ur clean and u smoke one time, it goes away very soon, and i wont have a possible drug test till the end of this month, so what the fuck. i must say it was the best night ive had in over a month, probably over 2 months. i mean yeah i was just drunk and stoned, but i hadnt felt it for so long and it was just great.
    so, did anyone else have a better than average friday night last night, or if your just chillin and relaxin or what?
  2. well yesterday my familly came over and we smoked up a half quarter, and today me and my buddys are all buying a half quarter to smoke up today and there is 4 of us so I think the night will be fun, im glade you had your self a little break from being clean, and im sure that one joint will not get you caught :)
  3. dude thats a lot of weed to smoke, i cant even imagine being able to smoke that much....but you know the day i get off probation im gonna buy as much of the diggity dank as my money can buy me...and im gonna smoke it all...ahhh i really cant wait..

  4. a half quarter = an eight, right? sorry, just doin the math ;p

  5. my friday was nice, rolled up 3 joints and practiced some killhits...getting pretty good, not as good a luke though
  6. I just met a new dealer who lives in an apt right around the corner my place who sells 8th's of super good shit for $50.... so I'm extremely happy
  7. Getting stoned after a long absence is always a fun time. :)

  8. yes a half quarter is an eight :), if you have a pie and lets say as a whole its 100% if you devide the 100% into 4 quarters thats 4 peices if you take those four peices of pie and cutt each quarter in half how many peices do you have?, 1/8'th magic of math, lol
  9. i know how to make an eight, i was just makin sure thats wut u meant. ive heard some funky terms for different amounts of weed on these forums, so for all i know, a half quarter coulda meant an ounce in ur terms or somethin like that. ;p


  10. hmmmmm Im to stoned to understand what you just said so ill just say , eyah :)

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