friday the 13th

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by mcdermaid, Feb 14, 2004.

  1. ok so its friday the 13th and the day before valentines day, so i call up my old buddy that use to know me when i lived where he did, and he tells me he made a new bong and he wants to try this motherfucker out, so im like alright come over cuz my mom is on vacation this weekend and we can hit this shit in my bathroom, but little do i know my grandpa is planning on making a supprise check up on the house later that night, so we toke up once, go watch half baked at like 10 and then that pumps us to smoke again (its like 12 now) and so we do so and get fucking ripped, only off a little bit 2, i beleive we only smoked 2 gs, but anyways the hits were extremely good, so we were toking and we decided to name our bong chucky, cuz my friend painted it and the red paint dripped down over the black paint so it looked like it was blood, (amazing bong btw!) so anyways we finish our session and decide to just go chill and watch my family guy dvds. My grandpa walks in... imedietly he smells the pot and yells down whos smoking dope ? and hes a fucking scary ass motherfucker when hes mad, youd have to see him to know, and my friend dosen't even know him... anyways he comes down stairs and starts rippin shit, cuz we smoked in the house and thats "disrespect" even though i opened the windows and he was pushin me around and shit, and i couldn't do anything cuz hes fucking huge, so anyways he tells my friend to get int he car to drive him home but my buddy was ripped off his face and fucking scared so he took off, and started to run home, so my grandpa got me in the car and we went down to my buddys house, and im mad trippin out, but we go down to the mall area, around where he lives and security is there with my buddy, and they told my grandpa he had to leave, so we did and my buddy had to fill out a sheet of what happened and everything while he was stoned and then he had to go home to his mom, but thankfully nothing to serious hapopened afterwards, my mom came home and took my side about it all, and my grandpa didn't even care the next day, but he was ready to kill someone last night... and we were scared out of our minds! and whoever says fri. the 13th is just a myth... i think not.
  2. so now me and my buddy are under the impression that our new bong chucky is cursed in some way... but we'll smoke out of it again this weekend sometime... hhaha
  3. oh and one more thing, it was worse for my friend cuz he hardly hangs out with me and this is a one time kinda thing, so he didn't know my grandpa at all... so im gunna get the full story from him and post it up, thats just my side... his was way worse.

  4. dont forget. i wanna read that shit haha
  5. waitwaitwait, im confused, what the fuck was the deal with the mall security???
  6. my buddy ran from my house when my grandpa told him to get in his car to take him home, so he ran from my house to the mall and he told security and security took him.

    oh and im telling my buddy to write up his side of the story, ill post it witha new thread ina bit.
  7. yea i think my Friday the 13th was just as bad as urs... i got caught too but it was only my little sister and she's 14 but we got her stoned as hell for the first time so i doubt she'll tell the folks lol but then she barfed everywhere and got majorly sick so i think she was more the one to be

    i wanna read that other dudes story too..

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  8. Has it been posted yet. PM me or let me know the status if you would.
  9. my friday the 13th turned out not so good either man.
    i lost my hookup/best friend/party hangout.

    however, that night me and 3 other friends bought and smoked 3 8th's over friday night and saturday morning/afternoon; and i just found a new hookup for better weed then before....

    so i guess all things turn out with somethign good in the end?

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