Friday the 13th remake

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Devilsmoke1, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. I saw this last night. Its pretty badass. if you have ever seen the old ones jason is nothing like that character. this jason runs and is huge.
  2. Oh he runs and he's huge? That certainly is worth the price of admission.
  3. so he does run... thats stupid he never runs & now he does wack...
  4. i saw it too! It was a good remake, except the theatre was so crowded with teeny boppers it got annoying. Somewhat unenjoyable. Some girl kept yelling "shut up!" in a valley voice iwhen the first credits were rolling (prod comp etc) I was like omg you stfu annoying bitch. I was bout to be like who keeps sayin that n if she said I did, throw my bottle at the back of her head...ugh lol
  5. yeah thats what i noticed when i watched the preview and he runs at the girl with his chainsaw at the end

    thought that would make it a lot more modern and scary .

    did it compare to texas chainsaw massacre?

    i really wanna see a good scary movie...all the scary movies in the past few years have been slacking...

    i thought the strangers was pretty awful

    or at least the acting
  6. the strangers wasnt really scary just fucked up that it was based on a true story & they were never caught

  7. yeah and not even fucked up it was just dumb

    all the did was stalk the people

    and they couldnt make up their mind what they wanted to do with them

    one moment they would be chasing after them

    and the next they would be hiding from them

    then just chillan in the house

    only fucked up part was the end when they actually did work
  8. You guys seen the dentist?

    Talk about a bad scary movie hahahahaha

  9. gingerdead man is the worst horror movie I seen
  10. Going to see this today, went last night but it was sold out..
  11. OMG that movie was fucking terrible. Lol.
  12. Pretty sure the IceCream man was the worst..

    Seriously, he put them into his ice cream churner and shit..

  13. The reason why he runs in this one, is because it's the beginning of him killing people..he hasn't been shot, stabbed or anything yet. If you watch the 2nd friday the 13th, when he's wearing the bag over his head instead, you'll see he runs because it's the first one that he was in.

  14. lol i dont get what your tryna say

    why does he run?

    because its the beginning of him killing people and he hasnt been shot stabbed or anything yet?

    ohhh now i get it...didnt realize this was a complete remake of the old one i thought it was just another friday the 13th but since they hadnt made a new one in so long they just called it friday the 13th

    but since its the beginning he is still straight so he runs...gotcha!

    anybody see the previews for fast nd furious... its not even a remake...but its just called "Fast n Furious"

    either way it looks badass

  15. You don't watch slasher movies to be scared, you watch them so you can see the same old tired cliches again and again and the exact same archetypes time in and time out.

    You want true horror? Try something with atmosphere

  16. ha well i disagree cause when i watched tcm i was scared shitless and i had to turn it off for a bit.

    and yeah i know i hit up HHN every year but that doesnt do it for me either.

    and speaking of trying something with atmosphere guess you never saw my thread about a local 'haunted house' in my area :rolleyes:

    you should check it ... scariest moment of my life.. maybe
  17. Which Texas Chainsaw Massacre scared you? The original or the remake? Cause if it was the remake then I'm afraid there is no way to salvage your shite taste in horror movies.

  18. lol no the original .

    one from like 2003 or somewhere around there...

    only movies that have actually scared me are that and halloween h2o but i guess halloween was cause i was a wee lad
  19. The one from 2003 IS the remake

    And as for the Halloween series... There's only one true Halloween in my book and that's Carpenter's Halloween, fuck the sequels.

  20. oh well there is a remake of the remake then

    cause the one im talking about it "texas chainsaw massacre"

    but a few years ago they came out with

    "texas chainsaw massacre:the beginning"

    but when the one im talking about came out i was still in 6th grade in pretty sure...or maybe 7th?

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