Friday the 13th Bad Luck?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by ReeferInhale420, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. Nah. I do not think so at all. Here is what happened to me today:
    Today, I woke up wanting.. Wanting to be high again. I knew I had a dime waiting to be fronted to be, so I went to get it. Got home with it, and waited.. Waited until I was finally alone. Once alone, I went up to the local gas station and bought myself a lighter. Once bought, I came back, and waited. About 10:30 PM, I decided it was time to smoke.
    So I did. Talked to friends on websites and IRC, and talked to friends on Instant Messaging Programs. Sprayed Axe to mask the smell, and smoked more. Decided to keep smoking until around 3:30 AM, When my lighter started bursting gas. Which had me laughing, because I knew the smell of gas would hide the smell of weed amazingly, which I laughed about. That is when my friend informed me of an excellent film she was watching; So I watched it, and decided to post a bit on Grasscity and other websites. Boredom, I suppose.
    It is now 6:34 AM, in which my pay should be here, and I will pay my dealer, get a bit more weed to add to my stash, and smoke more with my dealer.
    What good luck that day.
    Also, I say we post our AIM Screen-names, that would be rather interesting, everyone from Grasscity Instant-Messaging one another.
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    i dont think so ... cuz i found a dub in my closet and i got a giraffe.[​IMG]
  3. yES. your mother and children will be killed in the name of Allah!....

    j/k, calm down s.ob. ....

    ....So stoned...Bubba Kush...

    Cali.. medial....

  4. Haha.
    I will be smoking more much later, it is currently 7:53 AM and I haven't slept yet.
  5. It was bad luck for me I had plans to smoke a blunt & go to friday the 13th movie.. but I got sick temp throwing up the whole shabanga & I poked myself in the eye & twisted my ankle :eek:
  6. Yeah, so much for bad luck. I got baked before school, aced my math test, and came home to getting high again. Then I ordered some delicious fucking pizza and watched Heroes all night. :smoke:
  7. found a dollar on the ground, but we did lose our baskeball game and i did hurt my knee :eek:
  8. Friday the wasn't too bad really. Just long.

    Got up, checked my bank account. Realized I'd gotten my paycheck direct deposited, but saw my job had only given me enough hours last week for a $17.92 paycheck. read correctly. $ I didn't even go into call, no show. $18 for two weeks pay is not worth my time or gas...

    but the day itself was cool, I went and ran some errands for me mum, and painted this epic painting for my girlfriend that took like 16 hours to complete. I'll take a pic later and see if I can't upload it.

    the Genius

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