Friday Smoke-a-Thon!

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by Duffey, May 21, 2004.

  1. Yep, here's my smoke for 12:30, letting the paper dry, about a dime is into that joint... I'm not a fan of blunts anymore, don't know why, I just rather have a nice clean j to toke on.

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  2. that's a long ass joint u got there! happy tokin:)
  3. Puff puff give m8 :D

    Im all out, my smokathon will start tomorrow nite ill get pics of what i have hopefully.
  4. the joint and my bag ;D and my moniter :D

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  5. Me from last night when i toked on a long one by myself, it was the same size, but wider than the one in the pic, thats about half in my mouth :(

    [edit] You can tell I was baked when I photoshopped that picture lol, I left alot of green on myself, and did a shitty job with eraser.... its sad when I'm actually very good with PS

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  6. that is definitely NOT enough bud for a smoke-a-thon.. maybe a warmup to the smoke-a-thon, but definitely not the main event :smoke:
  7. Oh, i have about a quarter in the bag, so my day is straight...
  8. long ass day...
  9. is that Battlefield 1942 cd case that your weed is on.
  10. Yea, it is... I use it because you can move the cds out the way and have a nice tray, and say, when your parents walk in, you can just close it... fun game though :D
  11. Indeed its a good game, and I use mine for the exact same thing

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