Friday she comes down

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  1. Friday my baby is gunna get cut down.

    Was curious does anyone have any opinions on 48 hours of darkness?

    Any suggestions please!
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    NO! dont cut it friday, first give it a superdose of eggshell water on thursday, keep on reg flower light cycle, then chop on sunday, dont flush the plant, you could add 1/4tbsp sweetener per gallon of water. *eggshells pureed with water for 5 mins.

    I was told this would harden up the buds and crystals without hurting the smoke.
  3. The way you harvest your crop should be the way that best suites how you grew it.

    e.g. If you grew organic, you should have no need to flush your plants. However If you grew hydro with chemical fertilizers and growth stimulants it would probably be preferable to flush.

    Sorry i'm not even familiar with the 48 hours of darkness question.

    (This is just theoretical advice, Chop her down however best suites you)

    Good luck!
  4. If you used chems, flush a few days at LEAST. Use only pure water. If you grew organic, chop her down and cure her well.
  5. There is no proof (at least I was not able to find it) that 48 hours of darkness will increase trichomes .But to be honest I kept my plants in darkens prior to harvest for 48 hours,but did not really noticed any significant difference .
    I do not know much about soil, but in hydroponics you can flush for 7 days or so (just use PH adjusted water) .Technaflora recommends to flush for only 4 days....
  6. pics when you get a chance after or during chopping ;]
  7. Do it. The dark period tricks the plant into making it think it is dying, which causes the plants to extract all available THC and increase the surface area of the budsites in an attempt to reproduce. which means bigger and better buds.. And even if it doesn't help, it certainly won't hurt, so why not do it.
  8. I personally believe this is a myth as i have been unable to find a single side by side grow to prove that it actually makes a lick of difference. My plants frosted and fattened up the last 48-72 hours before harvest and my lights were on......if I'd have turned em off, the same would have happened and i would have said 'eureka, it works!'. I suspect this is how the whole lights out thing got started.....that said, it wont hurt so knock yourself out! :)

  9. He has a point.

    To be slightly technical. After 12 hours of absolute darkness (essential for trichome growth), using the energy harvested from the previous light it was exposed to. the plant begins to grow more trichomes (THC) [To attract and catch male pollen for seed development]. If the darkness is interrupted for even the smallest amount of time, the chemical build up within the plant (caused by darkness) stops, and trichome and THC development completely stop.

    So in theory, it'll work :)
    And as Gronkowski said, It surely can't hurt, Give it a shot!
    Hoping to see some pics soon :D

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