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Discussion in 'General' started by KeepSmokinReefa, Mar 25, 2006.

  1. Whatcha'll gettin into tonight?

    I got no herb so this fucking blows. Ive been smoking daily for years so this is a first since i was on probation. But jus cuz i aient got the dough to blow on fucking herb. Bills right now are more imporant then gettin high.

    I gotta fifth of whiskey, A 40. Enough to get trashed beyond belief. Gon scrape some resin and be ghetto.

    Then when my cuz get off work at 11 or 12 he gon come by here and scoop me up. Go to a near city and pick this girl up im feeling. I think she's fine as hell. Have thought so for a while, Today she approached me and shit. Gave me her number and damn i was suprised lol. She wanna chill tonight and party. Im down.

    Whatcha'll gettin into tonight?
  2. Smoking with TheColonel. :smoke: We just got some new bud- so going to try it out. THEN- Going to a friends house, and being the DD! Horray. At least its the weekend!!!!! Hope everyone has a fun and safe Friday!!!
  3. I'm ****in grounded and have been for like three weeks now. 3 hours 13 minutes 28 seconds till i'm free tho :hello:
  4. just sitting at home and working on some things that i need to get done before the end of the weekend
  5. Friday night.

    Got off the phone with like, The hottest gurl at my adult ed. Ive been like head over heels for this chick for awhile now. Everytime i see her everything stops and i jus cant help but watch her. Shes so fucking fine.

    Well today, I wasnt with this gurl Kym like usual up in class and she goes "Hey *my name"." Im thinking what the hell? Lol, I didnt even know if she knew me.

    So i go over there and she asks me if im into pills want to buy some and shit.

    She said she can get soma's among other things, And i said i love somas they my fav pill period and she said the same so we hit it off.

    Talked for the rest of the day.

    She asked for my number and called me so i had hers.

    She called me right after school. Then she called me a few times since. And i jus got off the phone with her for close to a hour.

    This could be good.

    Though she got a mans, She seem interested.
  6. I picked up a dub during classes today. My day pretty much sucked I had a couple of exams so I'm just gonna chill, probably pick up some of those smirnoff twisters and smoke some herb with a couple friends. Should be a quality night.
  7. Sounds like one hell of a good night in store for you. Excellent man.

    I'm just chillin' at my friend's house. Just smoked a bubbler and two joints of this truely ass kickin' bud. AK 47 + Northern Star ( Northern Lights + Sensei Star. ) =)

    Stoned and enjoyin' it before quittin' time.

  8. my friday night is gonna suck no weed no nothin just tried callin a friend that always has some and hes not there:confused: should be a BORING friday night
  9. Just sitting at work right now waiting to get off so i can go pick up some bud.

    After that, me and babytoker will be smoking well into the night because i'm off work tomorrow
  10. Im drunk as a mother fucker.

    My tollerance to alch is so high.

    I drank a pint of whiskey and a 40 of 211 in less then the last two hours and i aient even trashed trahsed.

    Im drunk fer sure.

    Need a port and a fucking fat ass blunt.
  11. First I was chillin over at the mall for a little, I smoked a J with some girls.

    Then I get picked up by my father and he is like I guess *neighbor* is having a party, and I was like word, so when we got home I said im going over there and he was like alrite.

    My road has cars parked on both sides for mad far up. So I walk up and they were smoking a blunt, so i was like whats good wheres *Neighbor* (hes going into the army so he's having a party)

    So it was pretty chill, then more and more people started showing up. Inside they had 2 kegs and shit, so when I was inside i see somewone with a blunt in their mouth so i just followed them, lmao. And i got outside and they wre smokin it and they let me get down. then they ended up going in the house and left me and this other guy with the blunt.

    So let's just say, I got high, and I go back in the house and theres girls doing keg stands in lightup heels, lmao. Too bad i have to work tommorow :( lol
  12. Aight smoked a port. Feel beetter.

    Now bout to take like 2-3 hits of resin which is all the smoke i got left besides like 8 cigs but im talking bout real smoke.

    Trashed as hell yall/
  13. hell yea man, you gotta love the dumb fun that is alcohol. good times man.
  14. recovering from crown royal binge early today..probably gonna do some dxm for a nice stimulant euphoric rush and sleep

    did the dude self bleep? fuckin? yep... lol why? meh I see :\

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