Friday Night.

Discussion in 'General' started by JRilla, May 15, 2004.

  1. God damn. Let me just say last night was fucking awesome!

    It was my freinds birthday, so his mom and dad said he can invite as many people as he wanted to the house and shit. So we had a big ass BBQ. All together there was aboue 15 of us, maybe more. His parents know we smoke, hell, his dad even took a few hits with us. We had a group of people htting a bong, another group hitting a glass spoon, you can just see all the smoke in the air, it was great. In the end, only about 6 of us stayed the night. We set up a few tents in the backyard and fucking crashed. Woke up, had a few more bowls, and we called it a day. Tonight me a few buddies mite go to a freinds house and try to get some weed.

    Fucking badass weekend.

    Happy Toking all. :)
  2. yeah i wish my dad was like that too, it would be just so much more relaxing knowing your not going to get in any shit when u come home or whatever. i mean u could just let go and really enjoy yourself. oh, and barbeques are fucking awesome, i love getting fucking baked and eating like a bunch of hamburgers and bratwurst....mmmmmmm
  3. sounds like a nice time to me
  4. sounds fun as hell to me
  5. What a great time that would have been, toking with family and all.. some have it very lucky, appreciate it.

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