Friday night...

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  1. Yessir.

    Got good eats lined up, Good drinks, Doin it up aight tonight.

    Got a large Happy pizza with extra cheese, bacon and pineapple to grub on.

    Happy's is the most hood/stoner pizza joint main.

    Even their cartoon guy is a stoner.


    Cant tell me that aient a stoner. HP on his hat reminds me of Highland Park, Straight hood.

    Right now im sippin on some Faygo Cream Soda. Love this shit.

    Bout to roll a blunt, Sip on some brews and listen to some tunes.
  2. Hahaha look at that smiley face all fucked up bout to eat some pizza
  3. nice..wish I had a pizza:smoke:
  4. that is one stoned out pizza!
  5. I ate so much fucking cold pizza today while stoned I got constipated and probably have colon cancer now.

  6. Haha I do that all the time. There will be pizza left in the fridge and sober I cannot bring myself to eat it. As soon as I get baked I end up eating the entire thing.
  7. I used to drink faygo and listen to ICP. faygo...mmm
  8. Fuck ICP but i rep Faygo and Bettermade all day.

    And peep this commercial, Tell me Happys aient some hood shit, I love happys.
  9. i'm chillin smokin' a bowl

    haha, that commercial IS hood as shit

    so soulful though

    just bullshitin' on the internet smokin a bowl tonight

    whaddup with you, you ever get any word from your daughter or hear how she's doin?
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    Dry as fuck so im sipping on this Sprite/Vodka. sippin lol...more like chugging and dwindling this pack of cigarettes. :( (american spirit perique blend) taste so smooth when youre fucked up.
  11. Haha Highland Park, thats whassup homie. I'm kinda really intoxicated right now so I don't have much to say but yeah, keep reppin that D homie, im in boston right now and I'm wearin a shirt I bought at the ren cen. thas whassup.
  12. Wish I could enjoy my friday,, Weedless, ,liquorless got smokes but can't smoke em,, got an abscess tooth thats killing me and smoking makes it worse, can't even sleep through it.. On pain killers that suck and antibiotics but it isn't helping. So here I sit, in agony bored and on the internet.. Woot,,Ha,,OUCH!:cry:
  13. \

    Dawg, Get some better drugs. Lol.

    Im wrecked.

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