Friday night Shroom night!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by NealCaffery, Apr 30, 2006.

  1. Holy shit..Lol, me and my buddy split a half-o of Mushrooms last night, we didnt have a digi so we couldnt weigh how much we were eatin, so we just keep chewin and chewin ha, then BAM! it hits us a bit later, we started to watch Pink Floyd the wall on his 42" plasma TV in the complete dark...OMFG!, i honestly thought i was about to die..i was trippin balls..shit got scary haha...i couldnt move..

    Then we woke up this morning and had a HUGE smokeout session ha, we smoked a half quarter out of the new Gandolf(sp?) pipe (Pics soon)..Then we had all you can eat Waffles ha, we ate like 8 waffles each haha..

    So after we finish eatin we head back up to my place and weigh what we have left in the baggie of shrooms, and damn..we had like 1.9 grams left..when the dealer weighed it up it was like yeah, we chewed like 7 grams each..shit son i was RUINED!

    Ha..all-in-all a good night ha.

    Ps; The Wall Is THe most Fukt up movie i have ever seen on Shrooms.
  2. you ate a 1/4 of shrooms in 1 night holy fuck
  3. HA! yeah man, i was FUKT up i was gettin scared haha..he has this straw hat on his wall and i SWEAR to go, with us concentrating on it, it looks like a pit of snakes all slithering with each other..but at the end of the night, the hat actually looked like it moved, the straws were in different positioning..

  4. I still haven't done shrooms but this just makes me want to do them more.
  5. man i love shrooms i cant wait till its season where i live southern GA not raining here yet

    GOD i have never been able to watch it in my shroom trips because its never fucking around i get pissed, i bet it was amazing man, + rep!

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