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Friday night pick-up

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by crackrocksteady, Mar 3, 2007.

  1. [​IMG][​IMG]
    First new thread on here..whoo. I got ahold of some of this earlier, and it's got an extremely smooth smoke, and smells like some weird coffee/gasoline/skunk combination. Definitely some good stuff. This cost me $50 for 4 grams..I would have got more, but I'm headed to St. Louis later this week, so I'll grab something while I'm there, too. :smoking:
    And now I'm off to go load up a bowl before I go to bed..wee.
  2. thats some nice lookin bud.

    p.s. the wii owns
  3. Nice man! Yea....Wii ownes hardcore. Have a chill time bro :D
  4. nice lookin buds man!
  5. This is definitely some of the best stuff I've smoked since..well..this summer? Whenever I last had sour diesel from a guy who went back to NY every couple of weeks.
    My guy said it's called "sweet nightmare." That sounds made-up, but I could be completely wrong. Either way, it's a damn good smoke, so I don't mind.
  6. Nice bud and awesome game you have it on! Enjoy both of them.
  7. sick man im getting that game soon, is it really sick!?
  8. Awesome buds man! not that expensive either.

    Yeah, my friends told me it's a good game. Wii while High must be awesome!:smoking:
  9. Nice bud, I havn't smoked pot since tuesday :(. Oh ya and nice game I have it and its amazing.
  10. The game's definitely awesome, I'm in the process of working through the second dungeon. That shit is intense when you're high, haha.

    I finally got a mason jar tonight to store my buds's making the smell of this stuff even stronger, which is definitely good.
  11. decent bud
  12. mmmmmmmmmmm bud. Looks delicious my friend! Good price too, average around here is $50 for 3.5 g's. It's not uncommon to see weed like that go for $60 /3.5 as well. Enjoy.

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