Friday is here, And everything is poppin...

Discussion in 'General' started by KeepSmokinReefa, Jun 16, 2006.

  1. Jus got done workin. Cuttin lawns n shit makin some extra dough.

    Got a QP early this mornin, Some nice middies, Im not complanin. I got it fronted, He said hes gon want 2 bills for it by monday. Ill make that in no time, Easily today.

    I gave away a o earlier. Need 90 more and i can pay him back and the rest is profit in my pocket. Ill make atleast 2 bills profit off this QP.

    I already got spendin money too from workin, Went to the store, Got two Keystone Ice 24's, Never drank this brew before. Ill see how it is in a few minutes. Its like 2:00 PM, Good time to start drankin.

    Gon hopefully give away these other 3 oz's today and pay him back and have some spendin money and money to pay bills im behind on.

    Bout to get my drank on, Chill out, Prolly play some hoops and wait for calls to make money.

    Gon be a good day. Im sure ill have more stories by tonight.

    Whatchall gettin into right now/today?
  2. i just snorted some percocet... im feeling pretty good. im going to my dads house tonight, probably gonna get into some shit there. man, i love fridays.
  3. sweet deal man, i'd cop a zip off you right now but i'm a little far away in neverland but thats street, your always making deals man, thats chill as fuck but 110 a zip is high for your price, i would sling at around 80ish and you can probably hustle it faster but hey its your QP

    oh P.S. in going to a keggar after i finish a paper thats due by midnight, on psychology of spaceflight, good topic if my paper gets accepted to this conference i will post a copy on GC, so my fellow blades can see my work, but yeah gotta roll and get a new license, got my motorcycle endorsement and have to get a new license and then paper, and then i'm gonna get retarded, i'm picking up a half O and drinking some beers later

    btw keystone light is coors light man, all the damaged and dented coors can come back to the factory and they re can them in keystone cans and sell it cheaper so enjoy your coors man
  4. "Today was a good day"-Ice Cube, keep that paper rollin man!
  5. Its not keystone light bro, Its keystone ICE. 5.9% alcohol, Like OE ect. Taste pretty damn good, Im not complaning.
  6. Nice cuz, I have not even began my weekend yet but it will be poppin, fo sho. JOE>
  7. Do you have any pictures of these 110 Oz's?
  8. yeah thats straight just thought 110 was high but you got this on lock man, congrats seems like you get shit going your way man, keep hustlin
  9. prices are mad cheap your way. i just paid 150 for a 1/2O... damn...
  10. he said it's mids. I hope to God you aren't paying $150 a half for mids. I get nugs for less.

    This weekend I'm laying low, saving up my money, chilling out, and not doing too much. Next friday, though, I'll probably buy an O, get rid of half or so and smoke the rest. Gon' be bangin.
  11. no.. 150 for dank. but still... i feel like i'm getting ripped off when i read you guys' prices... i need to fucking move. :mad:
  12. I dont take pictures of my product. If it was herb i was smokin i would post pics.

    But shit i aient even got a digi right now anyways.
  13. Posts edited by rummys request, Sorry buddy.
  14. i wish i could get a qp fronted to me, you got a nice hookup there is he your friend?
  15. Are you going to give away the entire QP for the profit or are you gonna save some for personals?
  16. Shamrock, Yeah he a close boy of mine. I aient know him that long, But long enough. Prolly like 5-6 years. He lives a few houses away from me and i been doin bussiness with him since i knew him.

    Sysdownfall, Ill give it all away. I havent been smokni much latley, I want too, But there shit more important right now so ya know. Gotta do whatcha gotta do. But my boy jus called and said hed be over in a few hours and hell smoke down with me so its all good.
  17. Sounds good man.

    For me , I spend the day grabbin 3/4 ounce of some nice mushrooms. I paid my friend 200 extra for a zip of bud which hes pickin up later and dropping off.

    I gotta work till 8 but after that firin up the bong, maybe trip tonight. Im happy though, mushrooms and dank
  18. eh... that's not too bad, as long as it's what everyone else is paying. ask around locally to see who is getting what for how much and you'll probably find some better deals.

    A lot of us on here have great deals because we either know growers personally, 'give away' lots, or actually grow ourselves and therefore have amazing hookups. Unfortunately, I am none of the 3.
  19. I agree. A lot of the prices on here are pretty good for those exact reasons. I find myself having pretty good deals compared to a lot of people on this site, but theres definitly a share of people who have better deals than me on here. I do give away a lot and buy in bulk which has an effect.
  20. yeah, it's not TOO bad but it's not great either. :rolleyes: i know for a fact that it's the best price i can get around my area, so whatever.. it's chill like you said. and i definitely agree with you on knowing growers/growing/etc. which makes me want to start growing even more!

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