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Discussion in 'General' started by KeepSmokinReefa, May 13, 2006.

  1. Today was one of them boring days. It was rainy out, I was broke as a joke.

    I had absolutley no money on me today. My boy owed me money on a bag from yesterday.

    I was suprised, He came through, I figured i was gonna have to rough him up. He already claims TMC which makes me angry but i deal with it.

    But so he came through with $4 on it. Fuck it, I bought a bag. Weighed out to 1.7 grams so its straight. A nick for $4.

    Before this happened i was in class. I had two xany bars. I went to the bathroom, Broke one up in the bathroom and snorted it and got a nice buzz at around 9:00 in the morning. Then around 9:30 i did another half then around 10:00 did the other half. I did the last half in the class, I didnt care.

    Then lunch came around. I got another class because this class is four hours long instead of two but i didnt go.

    Went over my boy mikes crib. Rolled the nick into a blunt and matched blunts.

    Went home, And went to sleep.

    5 oclock rolls around and im sleepin. Phone rings and i wake up and reach over, Still in bed, For the phone. Pick up. One of my ex's who i aient heard from in awhile and supposivley has no feelings for me.

    Im suprised but tired, She said she wanna get together tonight, That shes really horny she said. Hahah. Fuck it.

    So now its 9:57 on a friday night. Kickin it.

    She get off work at midnight and coming here. Ill let her take a shower then get down to bussiness.

    So far ive drank 6 shots and 3 beers. Im barley even buzzing. But i know if i take like 2 more shots and drink another beer ill be buzzing good because i drank all this quick and the effects aient hitting yet.

    Im bout to smoke, Drink more, And kick it for 2ish hours till she gets here.

    Then once she leaves my cousins coming by and we gettin tore up from the floor up.

    Its friday night so everything is poppin.

    Whatcha'll gettin into tonight. Hope yall havin a good night.:smoking:
  2. not shit tonight really. woke up a lot later than i planned today and didnt get to study much for a midterm(probably did pretty shitty on it)

    helped a guy out who was dry and now i got 2.5 rolled up in a chocolate philly and i am about to burn it then do some laundry then go to bed. For some reason i am absolutely exhausted today
  3. Enjoy that blunt bro.

    But i must ask. Why a Philly?

    I've heard Phillys leafs aient real tobbaco and its proccessed to hell and its basically like a blunt wrap paper. Ive rolled on years back and forgot what its like. But ive smoked ones other people rolled and i never like them.

    Swisher Sweets and White Owls are the way to go IMO. And i smoke alotta blunts. Garcias and Optimos are good shit too.
  4. Man my day sucked kinda, i had to go to school and it was a half day because we had are town festival this week and we had half days ( tulip time ) but after school i had my afternoon blaze with my buddys then i went out for lunch which was badass ( pizza buffet ) but then i went home , chilled and then had to work at four , and right now im not doing any thing but gettin balzed :smoking:
  5. Well, You had a half day, Got money coming in, And got high and had to eat some good food. Sounds good to me bro. Look on the bright side of shit ya know. Coulda been alot worse.

    Im gettin blazed too, Im actually pretty damn drunk. I can type perfect drunk though because ive done it like 1,000's of times.

    But im drunk as fuck, High too, Bout to drink n smoke more. Got half a $5 pizza i can grub on. Lookin forward to that.
  6. yeah i agree with you swishers are the shit. the fucking gas station was out of everything except phillies and id rather smoke chocolate than a plain one. I prefer usin a wrap but it looked like the station got raided or something cuz all their boxes where the wraps are was empty and all the dip and shit was gone too. so either a shit load of people went shoppin there tonight or they got held up
  7. Im just chiiling here at my house, im pretty high right now and i think im going to smoke the last of my weed in about an hour. Friday has been good to me so far. :)
  8. Yeah i feel ya on that.

    But i dont like wraps at all. I rolled the actual Blunt Wrap brand wraps for a month or so then got sick of them, This was 3-4 years ago. I like reg cigars to roll blunts. Its a different 'paper' so to say. Guttin a 'gar paper and blunt wrap paper is alot different. I like the 'gar paper/leaves alot more.
  9. i can understand that. i smoke enough actual cigars as it is which i think is why i use the wraps, just for something different

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