Friday, Friday is almost over - anything happened?

Discussion in 'General' started by roma, May 14, 2011.

  1. Go ahead, tell me your freaky ass stories that happened today. I'm listening :smoking:
  2. well i got blackout drunk. someone knocked on my door and i got paranoid and thought the person knocking wanted to kill me so i didnt answer and sat for another hour freaking out.
  3. if you got black out drunk how are you on now. im sure you didnt start drinkin at like 7.

    but back to the thread. just got back from workin in South Philly all night
  4. i started drinking at around 330.
  5. I got fucking high as fuck off like a few blunts, a few joints, and like a bowl then drank like 7 shots then smoked a bowl then 2 shots then smoked a bowl then another shot then now im home and im going out again in an hour (;
  6. ^ really? that's kind of crazy
  7. Nothing, but my best homies bitch ass girlfriend dumped him today...bitch
  8. fuckin sick ass graduation parties. happy friday the 13th.

    gotta give that senior in HS props, he got alot of fucking alcohol.
  9. Dude was tripping at graduation.:D
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    I smoked and went out to dinner. Boring friday :(
  11. started partying last night...fell asleep at 9 am this morning, woke up around 4 and by then everyone had a few offers to go party, decided to smokeout alone and chill. lol
  12. got in to fights with my mother and an ex girlfriend and then bitched at by the girl im trying to get with. something about friday the 13th just pisses me off and causes confrontation that isn't wanted. The worst part was that i couldn't get any weed! True story too. It's ok to cry.

  13. hahaha yeahhhh dats right
  14. I didn't die on my way to the post office.

    Something nice about riding your bike to mail a letter. Very old school.
  15. didnt even realize it was friday till i posted in this thread. forgot to mention the awesome morning i had. got woken up at 10 to my brother in my room telling me its wake and bake time. smoked 3 bowls, friend i havent seen for a while came over to buy 2 dubs from my brother then he smoked me up on 3 bowls. i was high from like 10-4 or 5 and i didnt even have to pay for it
  16. I ate half of a very potent hash brownie. Was obliterated the whole day. I haven't been this high in a while. Too bad I got nauseous the whole time. Ate it at 2 and its almost 11 pm... still high.
  17. I found out that my ex girlfriend who was the first girl i ever fell in love with and shattered my hard when she left me for another guy had her relationship fail :D Also its almost 6 months since i've been with the new love of my life <3 I harvested my second plant in my first grow as well and its hanging in my closet. now im sipping on some grand marnier and vaping some kush

    Karma's a bitch and hoe's will be hoes
  18. I found out my 2 month old tabby kitten was killed:(
  19. Nothing freaky happened to me....I'm just gonna chill and smoke the night away.
  20. I realized how much of a fuckup I am

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