Friday - 9/11 - where's mah homies at?!

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by thebigd^, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. They must be out gettin' fucked up =(

    What yall up to in the Box?!?!!?

    What are yall doin tonight?

    I aint got no drugs, no female companionship.

    I got nothin but PORN, cigs, and music =(
  2. cot damn homie. rough break. i just smoked, got my girl about to get off work, and couple beers on chill.... imma bout to forget 9/11
  3. Ehh im in the same fuckin boat as you man, except for the fact that i just picked up 2 os :cool:.. time to burn till i pass out, ill pack one for you my man.
  4. I feel you op, ain't shit to do, ain't hoes to do, no drugs to smoke or take..

    Deadmau5 is awesome, fucking cool avatar Thai.

  5. =O I hear ya bro!

    Lifeeee suckkkks.
  6. Man, just got off of work after an long ass day. Tired as fuck. Havent blazed in 21 days now and probably wont for another week til I get my first check.

    Shiet mane, I could really use a blunt right about now.
  7. Cmsytic! What is up bro!

    Same here, been a little more then 26 days since ive smoked weed.

    I could use a blunt myself!
  8. Haha, been workin like a slave mane. What about you?

    I feel ya tho, I think we've earned our blunts at this point. Jesus I cant wait until Im high again!

    Are you gettin paid anytime soon?
  9. Ahh sorry man, looks like plenty of people aren't having the best day... I've got no plans, but I bought an 1/8th of homegrown bud for 30 bucks (mind you this is CA). So I plan to roll a couple j's, take a nice walk in warm summer night and maybe play some music. Cheers everyone, R.I.P. to everyone who was lost on 9/11...I decided to pay my respects by spending today clean and sober...12 in the morning tomorrow however.....different story :)
  10. It may sound cold but 9/11 never really impacted me :confused:
    Its horrible that all thoes people died, but i guess life just goes on...
  11. Fuck I could really use a midnight j tonight :(
  12. Ive got cash in online places I cannot touch.

    Other then that, no.

    Id love to go out and buy .5 of some dope, but.. can't.

    Ive spent more money on cigarettes in the last month, should have at least bought some weed.
  13. I'd bet quite a few could tonight especially, on another note guys, anyone doing anything awesome over the weekend? Saturday night ragers? lol. anyone go to church on sundays?
  14. I feel you. Cigarettes can really fuckin clear your bankroll out; Ive spent so much money on them things, it's not even funny.

    I havent smoked a cig in like a week, so I dont think I really want to go back to doing that although Im gonna be tempted to!

    I just cant wait til I get paid on Thursday!!!
  15. Man fer sure. I think at one point me and my brother did the math for the last 5 years, it was around like 4 grand or some crazy number.

    I started smokin the cheaper smokes lol.

    Yeah, don't start back up if you dont have to. Find something to fill the void.

    So how is work going for ya? Im still on the job hunt my damn self.
  16. Yeah, I hope I can be strong enough this time. But I usually love to have cigs right after I blaze ya know?

    Works goin straight right now. Sometimes I love it and sometimes I hate it. There's a lot of annoying/lazy ass people that I work with but there's some chill people there too. In the end I think it's worth the money.

    By Thursday, I will have worked 32 hours in two weeks so my check should come out to be $232 at $7.25/hour. But someone was just tellin me how tax takes huge chunks outta our checks, so I hope I at least get $200.
  17. I just got home, mad bent drank 3 OE 40oz's and now im sippiin on my second Strongbow english cider. Just took 2 bowls off a bong and smoked 2 joints earlier im BENT :cool:
  18. Yeah that is my biggest problem man, is have to have that cig right after I blaze.

    That sounds too good for a first check, hopefully you got in right at the start of the pay period.

    So do you deal with the general public at your job?

    - What is up player! OE's my friend, now THAT is legit.
  19. Its my favorite 40:D taste good and cheap.
  20. When I drink thats about the only route I go.

    Unless I can buy a pint of something hella cheap. Id rather get shit faced 10x as quick.

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