Friday 13th........

Discussion in 'General' started by flowerchild420, Sep 13, 2002.

  1. You know, I wondered all day why I was having one of the worst days possible. I was at work all day and never noticed it was friday 13th. It's like everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. And when I get home, I find out the 7 yr old I'm taking care of now was suspended for the second time since school started. This time he stabbed a fork through a child's hand at school and the kid needed stitches. I ask him why he did it and he said because he wanted the child's crayons. I just can't even deal with this yet. So I've smoked a joint, I'm pretty mellow and I keep wondering if Friday the 13s are just a superstition then why has my day today fit the stereotypical friday the 13th. Maybe if I smoke enough weed, the evening will be alot better than the day was. Or maybe I'll just hide in a cave until midnight when the day ends.
  2. Make it a big cave, I need a hiding place to to finish out this week.
  3. Well, there are alot of big caves nearby up in the woods where I live. We may have to chase the bears out first though..........
  4. warning- fucking with bears is not a good idea- never mind on fri 13th...
  5. lol I didnt even know it was friday the 13th till i got here to the city..sry to hear flowerchild its not treatin you good.
    I was at work, five mintues before Im done, and my finger gets slammed in the damn window!! lol its all funky I got mine...BUT..
    GO GET YOURS!!!!!
    Its friday peeps. Im out and causing chaos on this sweet night!
    ;) started already, cant feel the finger any more...![​IMG]

  6. Murphys Law or is every day friday the thirteenth? I have bad luck most days or I used too anyway. Now I just pay attention what ever she charges and i usually come out ahead!
  7. I was wondering why i was having such a bad day today...everyone has been pissy and bitchy to me today and just an asshole. Two kids that were going to hook me up with shrooms flaked me out too and now i have nothing. I'm sick too and ive been getting alot of crap from my ex and her friends.

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