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Fresno County to close Dispensaries

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by tonyhimselff, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. They did exactly what the feds want them to do and collapsed under pressure.

  2. That sucks. They made some local ones close and limited the numbers and locations, but they wouldn't dare shut them all down. The canna club I go to brings in more tax money than any regular business in town. They'd have to be stupid to get rid of that. The way they did it, limiting it to a few clubs didn't cut down on their tax money because now everyone is buying the same amount, just from the same few clubs and it's easier for them to monitor.
  3. Its lame because people who need it for their severe pain now have to drive 45mins to an hour to get to the nearest dipsensary after they shut the local ones down.
  4. ^^^and they don't want us driving high while we have to drive that distance.
  5. It does suck. At least you guys still have dispensaries. I cant imagine what you guys would do if you had to go back to street dealers like most of us do.
  6. Yah i cant just go buy a 60 8th of some dank i gotta find mine pay shitty prices for shitty weed and then still risk the $1000 fine and 6 months in jail :mad:
  7. This is why if you live in the central valley, Live in Merced, It's much more freer, and there's more room, and better jobs. Plus the County courts say medical weed is fine.
  8. They're trying to do the same here in Bakersfield. It is like I am watching something out of the 18th century or something when I hear some of these people talk. Several folks in our county "authority" positions have said that there is no medicinal value in cannabis. LOL....I will go ahead and side with the and thousands of peer-reviewed studies by some of the brightest minds in the world. It is depressing that this is honestly a "debate", in any form.

    Our Sheriff also literally said medical marijuana was a "sham" a few weeks ago.

    They've stopped people from posting on our local news websites because the comments are getting out of control and people are PISSED. The good news is the collectives have lawyered up and intend on suing the county and NORML is supposed to be canvassing neighborhoods collecting signatures for a referendum.
  9. There are some pretty legit-ish dispensaries in visalia...thats only 20-30 min drive from fresno...

    thats sad to hear about fresno though...
  10. There trying to do this in oceanside its not fair when the state says its fine then the city comes in, I would still grow if they do try this its my right I pay my state taxes fuck the city!
  11. The real stupid thing is that fresno is going to lose in court, and thats gonna waist a shit ton of money. They are basically going against state law, and when they go to court they are gonna get a reality slap by the judge.
  12. Gov. Brown signed AB 1300. It gives every city the choice of what they want to do with co ops and collectives. If they want to allow them or ban them all together. One asshole ruined it for patients everywhere.
  13. It's not quite clear yet what effect AB 1300 will have on the legality of dispensary bans. The author of the bill (Blumenfield D-Van Nuys) has publically stated that it was not intended to authorize bans, only local "ordinances regulating the location, operation, and establishment of medical cannabis cooperatives and collectives". While it seems to me (and others) that this could mean "bans", it is not clear how this amendment to the MMPA will be interpreted. I guess the legality of bans will still be decided in the courts. Watch for the appeal of QPA vs. Anaheim - this one could be headed to the state Supreme Court and may set a meaningful precedent.
  14. As a californian, let me tell you: fresno fucking sucks.
    Call me selfish, but fresno gets what fresno deserves.

    you're gonna be a shitty town?! ok! no weed for you!
  15. they have been working on this sorta shit in South lake tahoe, they want to limit growers #s in wattage, sq footage, and also make you have specific permits from building inspectors and fire marshalls. which is all going to be costing heavy $$$...

    they say you can only use 10% of your homes sq footage for a grow room....and have max 1400 watts.

    but they have been saying it will be based on complaints, so you will only be put in check if your neighbors are assholes, or your stinking up the block.....

    but really, i dont know or care what is happening. im doing my thing either way
  16. Hey man, I was thinking more along the lines of the people of Fresno NEED weed - that place is pretty rough.
  17. I'm in the initial process of planning my move to Cali. What city would you recommend? Is all of CA weed friendly? San Diego nice? I've heard the nicest weather is there all year around but it's fairly expensive.
  18. [quote name='"FunkyPiece"']

    I'm in the initial process of planning my move to Cali. What city would you recommend? Is all of CA weed friendly? San Diego nice? I've heard the nicest weather is there all year around but it's fairly expensive.[/quote]

    San francisco would be your best bet.
  19. Will kings and tulare county continue to allow dispensaries to stay open?

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